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What is your location and where are the writers from?

WritingCheap.com is a Cyprus-based company. We hire both English and non-English speaking writers from different countries all over the world. We do this so we can better suite your needs.

How do you evaluate the writers?

We have established high standards for our company in the field of academic assistance. Therefore, every writer has to undergo several tests to ensure that he can meet the high quality standards of our service. The Writers Department checks the applicant’s grammar and style before hiring him. Also, our writers are constantly supervised to ensure that they maintain high quality services. So, if a writer demonstrates signs of lateness, plagiarism, or improper communication with the client, we give a warning and a chance to improve.

How can I pay for the custom written paper, and is the payment method safe?

You can pay for the order by loading the required amount to your account at WritingCheap.com. Each option is safe and secure.

When do I pay for the order, and do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Because you are considered the manager of your order, you can decide when to release payments to your writer. Nonetheless, we recommend that you pay for each completed part of your order as soon as you are sure that no further changes are required. This will motivate the writer, as well as ensure the safety of your money.
Our system automatically splits your order into several payments. So, if your order is, for example, 3-pages long, it will be split into three parts. Therefore, you release payments in three parts, one per page. Depending on the length of your order, it can be split into a maximum of five parts.
When you are completely satisfied with a completed part, press the “Release” button. Please be certain that you are satisfied with that part of the order because you will not be able to get your money back after clicking the “Release” button. For more information, please visit our Money Back Guarantee page.

Are there any discounts?

At WritingCheap.com we have lowered the prices to a level that anyone can afford. Please keep in mind that high quality writing should be compensated appropriately.

How can I be sure that my paper is plagiarism free?

There is a way for you to ensure the originality of your paper. What we can offer is a “Plagiarism Check” service, which is free of charge. Please beware that there are no supervisors who will interfere in your communication with the writer or the order progress, so we encourage you to check each part of the order for plagiarism before releasing the payment.

Is your service confidential?

We can guarantee that no personal information you provide to WritingCheap.com will be released to any third parties. All your personal information is confidential with us. However, we have no control in your communication with the writers. We strongly encourage you to avoid disclosing your personal information to the writers. Additionally, sharing personal information between writers and clients goes against our Confidentiality Policy. Therefore, it would be wise to limit your communication with the writers to strictly business.

What if the payment is charged back?

If you charge back a certain sum, it will be withdrawn from your WritingCheap.com account balance. Please note that if you charge back a sum that is larger than your balance, the order will be automatically canceled. If such issues arise, please initiate a query so our Support Team can help you to resolve the problem.

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Great Writer, Adjusted entire paper and extremely kind.
Research paper, 3 pages
“Complicated Feelings: Tecumseh as Literary Land Claim” by Heather Davis- Fisch essay
Thank you so much it’s wonderful 😊😊
theatre history III
Essay (any type), 2 pages
Emotional intelligence
she does very detailed and professional work.
Psychology and Education
Research paper, 2 pages
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