Critical Analysis Paper of an Article

Critical Analysis Paper

Critical thinking is often perceived by us as something ordinary. When answering the question about what it is, people usually recall various characteristics and requirements to the process of constructing judgments, such as “question everything,” “use logic,” “recheck information,” and others. But when it comes to a critical analysis paper, students usually get stuck and instead of writing an analysis, their essay becomes descriptive. So how to stick to an analysis in your essay and not get trapped with excessive descriptiveness?

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Consider Our Tips to Write a Research Project Proposal

Writing research proposal

Writing research proposal is an independent study of the learner, revealing his or her knowledge and ability to apply it to solve specific practical problems. The work should be logically completed and demonstrate the ability of the learner to use a competent terminology correctly, clearly state thoughts, and argue the proposals.

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Writing Grant Proposals to Allocate Funds for Projects

Writing a grant

What is a grant application? A grant application is a document that describes a plan for achieving a set of goals and objectives over a certain period of time in accordance with the requirements of the grantor. In simple terms, writing a grant application is writing a request, a proposal for the monetary support of any type of activity aimed at achieving the established goals, and the implementation of a number of activities and tasks leading to a certain result. Such results can be described as a final product of one kind or another, services provided, benefits, etc.

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Persuasive Essay Format Made Easy

Writing a persuasive essay

Can writing a persuasive essay be easy? We believe that it can if you have solid guidelines to follow! To spare you from roaming around the internet, trying to find a decent how-to guide, we decided to collect the most detailed and useful data we could find in one place – our blog. This article will be divided into two parts – the revision of the persuasive essay format and useful tools and tips for rocking your essay.

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Learn How to Write a Medical Personal Statement

medical personal statement

To write a good medical personal statement, show that you will become a good doctor. But talking about personal experience, good expert advice is to not get too sentimental. Shock tactics in a personal statement will not work. It happens when the applicant describes how somewhere in the woods, someone accidentally sawed off his leg, or something to this nature. It is better not to start the text in this way.

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Earthquake Essay Sample

Earthquake: The nature of phenomenon, types, and causes.

This essay will answer the questions of what an earthquake is, for what reasons it arises, and how dangerous it can be for a person.

Earthquake Essay Sample

Earthquakes are one of the most serious enemies of humankind, because of the nature of their origin and destructive potential. Depending on the strength of the tremors, destruction on the surface can reach catastrophic proportions. No matter how strong buildings and other human constructions are, everything can be destroyed by the force of nature.

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