Dissertation vs Thesis

Every educational institution may clarify the definitions of dissertation and thesis in their own way, but you may still be thinking, “what is dissertation or thesis exactly?”

what is dissertation or thesis

A thesis is a scientific work that has from 30 to 45 pages of an independent research project and is usually a final part of a master degree program.
A dissertation is a profound piece of writing that contains personal investigations in certain forms of research and is a final part of a doctoral degree program. Continue reading Dissertation vs Thesis

Think Critically Right Now and Change Your Life!

There are many definitions of “critical thinking.” We won’t present them here, because they all have a common problem: the fact that “critical thinking” is a kind of “thinking.” Accordingly, there is a universal characteristic that is inherent in any type of thinking, as well as specific types of characteristics which distinguish “critical” thinking from others of its species.

critical thinking activities

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23 Best Books on Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is, above all, creative thinking. Critical thinking is a complex thought process, which begins with the receipt of the information and ends with the adoption of a deliberate decision, the formation of a personal relationship. It is the ability to focus on new issues, develop arguments for personal opinions and draw conclusions. This ability is not only to interpret and analyze the information. A person with critical thinking skills will always be able to prove his or her own position. It will be based on logic and on an interlocutor’s opinion, and thus be able to explain why he or she agrees or disagrees.

books on critical thinking

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Everything About How to Write a Project Plan

What Are Project Plans?

A project plan is largely different from scheduling, and is the result of pre-planning. Changes in the project plan always impact the schedule. The project plan describes how the project will work. It is the main source of information about how the project is planned according to needs of implementation, monitoring, controlling and closing.

how to write a project plan

The project plan is a great tool in the hands of managers and it answers the following questions:

  1. What is the staff doing now? In what projects are they involved and when will they be free?
  2. Who is going to do new projects?
  3. What specialists will you ask to solve a problem that has suddenly arisen (to find and fix a critical problem or mistake that has arisen at the wrong time, talk with customer, etc.)?
  4. And finally, when everything else is good, just simply to wonder: how is the project going? Continue reading Everything About How to Write a Project Plan
(Very) Evil Advice on Admission Essay Writing

Firstly, some sort of an introduction and a disclaimer:

We hope you know that we love you from the bottoms of our hearts, but once in a while someone can become irritated about the constant flow of queries like, “what colleges have admission essays” and “how do I write an admission essay,” and here’s what happens.

Muhahahahah! So, it’s that time of the year when you finally realize that you are going to fail that admission essay completely unless you start doing something right now. You are hectically googling “what are admission essays” on the first stages of your search, and something closer to “do all colleges have admission essays” on the latter stages. Not all of them have admission essays, but the good ones definitely do, and we assume that you want to get into a good one.

Evil Advice on Admission Essay Writing

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How to Complete an Annotated Bibliography Assignment

The annotated bibliography – you either know how to write it, or hectically try to compose something out of thin air several hours before the deadline because you completely forgot you had an annotated bibliography assignment, and not just a list of references for your research paper. And who needs your comments on books created by prominent scientists anyway? More than that, there’s no doubt someone has already written an annotation, and a review, and a monograph based on nearly each book you used in your research. Now it’s time to accept the inevitable. However dumb this assignment may seem, you still have to do it, and we are here to help you.

annotated bibliography assignment

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How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Argumentative Essay Introduction

You know that an introduction is important. It’s that part of the text which makes your reader decide in a split second whether he or she is going to read the text. Though your professor has no other options than reading your paper, your argumentative essay introduction better be great – it will earn you extra points! And this skill will be useful for you in the future, especially when it comes to engaging someone into reading from the very first sentence.

Argumentative Essay Introduction

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How to Do Dissertation Research

First of all, let’s understand what dissertation research is. It is a small research project for your undergraduate or master degree program. Keep in mind that your future dissertation for your doctoral degree may be based on this dissertation research, so choose the topic wisely if you are serious about aiming to go deeper into science.

dissertation research

Dissertation research demonstrates the author as a researcher, displaying the ability to independently carry out scientific research, as well as to formulate and creatively solve scientific problems using scientific methods and techniques for their solutions. This is the first stage for research and scientific activity. Continue reading How to Do Dissertation Research

7 Steps to Gain Dissertation Grants

Many capable and energetic students who dream to continue their studies and receive a PhD have an idea that it costs too much and they cannot afford it. But many people simply cannot imagine how many opportunities exist today for finding money for studying. Many dissertations are sponsored by government organizations, private foundations and universities themselves. All you need is to find information and start searching the possibilities.

what is a dissertation grant

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Dissertation Proposal Essential FAQ

What are dissertation proposals?

This type of writing is not required at every university, but even if you don’t need to write it, a dissertation proposal may help you in your further dissertation research. You will even make a good impression on your supervisor if this kind of writing is not in your plan.

what are dissertation proposals

If your dissertation program includes dissertation proposals, you should look for requirements, as this paper will be a part of your final dissertation package. Also, you will receive the next benefit of such writing: you won’t be wasting your precious time. Continue reading Dissertation Proposal Essential FAQ