Learn How to Write a Personal Statement for University

Applying to a UK university is a tough process which entails dozens of important documents and tons of energy from the applicant. In your application, you should spare no effort in presenting yourself in the best light! A personal statement, often referred to as an application essay, is one of the indispensable documents an applicant has to provide in their application to a university. This type of a statement must include the information as to why you will be a good student at the educational establishment you’ve chosen.

how to write a personal statement for university

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Espresso Essay Sample That Will Help You in Writing

It is necessary to read this espresso essay through if you need to write a paper on a similar topic. Also, on our blog, your will find a collection of essays written by professional writers on different topics. They can serve you as a guideline on how to write your own papers and show the features that a high-quality essay should have. If you need cheap writing service for the first time and don’t know how to do it right, get help from our professional writers by placing an order. We often help students with writing essays and other papers, and they remain satisfied.

espresso essay

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Sample of an American Dream Essay to Build Your Knowledge

The American Dream: Analysis


Many nations in the contemporary world have tried their best to emulate and implement their dream of prosperity, promise, and hope to the people in their systems. Notably, the American Dream has acted as a fundamental blueprint for the people, boosting their motivation in embracing better living standards and patriotism.

the american dream essay

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Thanksgiving Day Essay Sample Any Student Would Admire


Expressing gratitude is an integral part of human society since it grants people a chance to show appreciation for help granted by others and makes both the receiver and the giver happy. In the United States and Canada, a special secular holiday is celebrated annually, commonly known as Thanksgiving Day (Ground 47).

thanksgiving essay

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This Essay On Stereotyping Sample Deserves Your Attention

Stereotypes in Marketing

The definition of stereotyping is judging a person by the things they like and the things they believe. It is also definable as making assumptions about a group of people using information that cannot be verified as valid or invalid and concluding that all people of the same kind behave the same way. It is an assumption made before meeting or interacting with the group (Totten et al. 77). People of that kind are assumed to possess the same behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. However, marketing companies can use stereotyping to gain more customers and expand client companies by increasing sales numbers. There are different kinds of stereotyping in the marketing sector.

essay about stereotypes

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Against Standardized Tests Persuasive Essay Sample

Standardized tests are a common method of measuring students’ performance, prowess, and progress. They require that students answer similar questions, which are later scored and the results compared. In the United States, the education system administers standardized tests at particular stages, such as grades three and eight, which aim to assess the progress of these students (Stromquist 116). Standardized tests mostly leave out mechanical and emotional intelligence, as they only focus on comprehension. Although these tests try to showcase equality and are affordable, they do not necessarily reflect a student’s knowledge, encourage cheating, and only test one aspect of the learning process: comprehension.

standardized testing essay

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The Flaws of Animal Testing Essay Sample

More than a hundred million animals are used annually for experiments in the laboratory in the United States alone, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Most animals are used for research and development of new products such as cosmetics, food, drugs, and treatment. This practice is frowned upon by most people, especially animal rights organizations such as PETA, and has been criticized for decades.

animal testing essays

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Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay Sample

Different people have different objectives in their lives. Aims and objectives in lives are determined by different factors, which include the professions of peers (family members, friends, or relatives), different living conditions and environments (different economic strata in the society), personalities, and different events in life (Dick 281; Borchert). My choice in life is affected by my personality. I have grown up in a family where my mom is a nurse herself and my father is a social worker. Throughout my childhood I have been influenced by the caring nature of my mother and open-mindedness of my father. I believe that I want to be there for those who are in need. I want to be a nurse.

why i want to be a nurse essay

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Essay on Police Brutality


The topic of police brutality is of increasing importance in the United States. In the past, Americans of all ages and races have faced unwanted police treatment that deteriorated public-police relationships. During the civil rights era, activists suffered unfair treatment from the police, such as battering, harassment, assault, torture, and mayhem. According to Obasogie and Newman, police violence continues to be a major issue despite various social campaigns against the vice (2017). People of color are the most affected by police brutality, as the violence turns out to be motivated by race. Because of the persistence of the problem, the US should adopt new methods to address police brutality.

police brutality paper

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The Psychological Effects of Bullying Among Children

In the modern environment, whether virtual or physical, the issue of bullying has become increasingly prevalent. Children are notorious for being honest, although such honesty can cross a line at times and shift into bullying. In this brief exploration of the subject, the psychological effects of bullying among children will be explored using literature on the matter.

bullying essay

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