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Different people have different objectives in their lives. Aims and objectives in lives are determined by different factors, which include the professions of peers (family members, friends, or relatives), different living conditions and environments (different economic strata in the society), personalities, and different events in life (Dick 281; Borchert). My choice in life is affected by my personality. I have grown up in a family where my mom is a nurse herself and my father is a social worker. Throughout my childhood I have been influenced by the caring nature of my mother and open-mindedness of my father. I believe that I want to be there for those who are in need. I want to be a nurse.

why i want to be a nurse essay

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Why do I want to become a nurse? A nurse is someone who helps a doctor in a hospital. The nurse has to be educated and trained in this specialty. Usually, higher secondary or a bachelor’s degree is required, during which the nurse gains knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, psychology, laboratory medicine, and other relevant topics. This helps to understand the patient’s conditions from a medical point of view. The doctor in a hospital is a trained senior person who can diagnose and treat a person with any disease. But the doctor is unable to give continuous care to each and every patient. Similarly, a doctor may not have time to look after a serious patient in the wards. All of these activities are done by nurses. Nurses talk with patients after the doctor leaves them. According to the instructions given by the doctor, the nurse administers treatment and other interventions to the patients. It is the nurse who is the first to know if any intervention has been providing clinically important benefits to the patients. So, the nurse informs the doctor about the development of the patients in care. Sometimes the patients cannot express their feelings or problems to the doctor. It is the nurse who is in continuous conversation with the patients, and they can help inform the doctors more efficiently and correctly. Nurses can communicate with their patients through non-verbal methods too (Caris‐Verhallen).

I want to emphasize that my choice of being a nurse rather than a doctor is not due to my incompetency in my academic background. While I have had mixed results with my studies, I am very confident that I can easily pass any medical entrance exam. I am also economically sound to pay for my studies in a medical college. I do not think that a nurse does any less than a doctor. I think doctors have a psychological bias for gaining knowledge or showing it off. Rather than making logical and humane decisions for the patients, which I have no problem or prejudice, doctors may be pulled by the attraction of making intellectual judgments. From my point of view, a medical professional should be kind and caring. A nurse’s care is not affected by intellectual judgments. Nurses are encouraged to serve the patients. Patients’ wounds and sufferings stimulate their activities.

I want to emphasize other aspects of the nursing career. The nursing career has been specialized in different fields. One of them is gerontological nursing. In this field of nursing, the nurses care for old and weak people (Boyd). Our world is busy and people are busy to earn money. In this race, they are too busy to help their parents and old friends. In this case, it is nursing professionals whose sacred care helps the old to live decent and respectful lives. Similarly, nurses help people in wars too. In the war field, very few doctors are available to look after many injured soldiers. Nurses take risks to provide care to the soldiers. I think that without the devotion of nurses, many activities of humankind would suffer. Thus, I want to be a nurse.

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