Dissertation vs Thesis

Every educational institution may clarify the definitions of dissertation and thesis in their own way, but you may still be thinking, “what is dissertation or thesis exactly?”

what is dissertation or thesis

A thesis is a scientific work that has from 30 to 45 pages of an independent research project and is usually a final part of a master degree program.
A dissertation is a profound piece of writing that contains personal investigations in certain forms of research and is a final part of a doctoral degree program. Continue reading Dissertation vs Thesis

How to Do Dissertation Research

First of all, let’s understand what dissertation research is. It is a small research project for your undergraduate or master degree program. Keep in mind that your future dissertation for your doctoral degree may be based on this dissertation research, so choose the topic wisely if you are serious about aiming to go deeper into science.

dissertation research

Dissertation research demonstrates the author as a researcher, displaying the ability to independently carry out scientific research, as well as to formulate and creatively solve scientific problems using scientific methods and techniques for their solutions. This is the first stage for research and scientific activity. Continue reading How to Do Dissertation Research

7 Steps to Gain Dissertation Grants

Many capable and energetic students who dream to continue their studies and receive a PhD have an idea that it costs too much and they cannot afford it. But many people simply cannot imagine how many opportunities exist today for finding money for studying. Many dissertations are sponsored by government organizations, private foundations and universities themselves. All you need is to find information and start searching the possibilities.

what is a dissertation grant

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Dissertation Proposal Essential FAQ

What are dissertation proposals?

This type of writing is not required at every university, but even if you don’t need to write it, a dissertation proposal may help you in your further dissertation research. You will even make a good impression on your supervisor if this kind of writing is not in your plan.

what are dissertation proposals

If your dissertation program includes dissertation proposals, you should look for requirements, as this paper will be a part of your final dissertation package. Also, you will receive the next benefit of such writing: you won’t be wasting your precious time. Continue reading Dissertation Proposal Essential FAQ

How to Choose Dissertation Topics

What are dissertation topics?

In order to properly choose a topic of further studies, you must decide for yourself what area of your dissertation program interests you the most. In this connection, you can choose to specialize. It is much easier to determine the scope of activities than to single out one issue, which will be devoted to dissertation research. It is necessary to review a huge number of works and highlight the main spheres, so later you will surely be clear on what areas remain poorly highlighted. It is unlikely to lead to something.

how to decide dissertation topics

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How to Write a Dissertation Timeline

Every student that strives to get a PhD should pass exam, prepare a dissertation, pass the pre-defense stage and complete the defense. The dissertation timeline is the main form for the graduate student to report the performed amount of work. It may seem that you have a lot of time to write your dissertation, but don’t fall into this time-trap. Without a wisely crafted timeline, the success of your dissertation will dramatically decrease. Every PhD program may differ from one to another in length, so create the timeline according to your situation.

how to write a dissertation timeline

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How to Cheat at Dissertation Prospectus Writing

Yaaay, finally a paper you can literally make out of thin air and get it approved! Just kidding, of course. Students write whatever comes to their heads in the last night before the deadline while doing any kind of paper, not just a dissertation prospectus. Okay, now it’s time to get serious.

dissertation prospectus

What is dissertation prospectus? It is something you write before you actually do the dissertation, which means it’s neither like an abstract (a summary of a completed paper), nor an introduction to the dissertation. Do you already feel confused? It’s okay, since no one actually has a clear idea of how this paper should be written, and also why. We are not very fond of extra paper work, such as a prospectus, proposal, etc., so we are going to teach you the easiest way to do this paper. Continue reading How to Cheat at Dissertation Prospectus Writing

What Is a Dissertation Abstract and How to Write It

What are dissertation abstracts?


An abstract is a truly essential element of a dissertation – its “visiting card.” In an abstract, you present the selection of the dissertation topic, describe the relevance of scientific issues and consider the level of elaboration of it in literature. The abstract contains the main ideas and conclusions of the dissertation, the points on the author’s contribution to research activities, the degree of novelty and the possibility of the practical application of results. Continue reading What Is a Dissertation Abstract and How to Write It

A Dissertation Service You Will Admire!

All of us are seeking to achieve a result from higher education which will have a great influence on our bright and successful futures. Few devote their life to science and go to graduate school, but those who remain courageous need to build and defend a dissertation. The educational year passes fast, and then it is time to carry out the difficult task of research for graduate students. In writing, students should demonstrate not only acquired knowledge, but the ability to apply it, with varying degrees of informative context.

A Dissertation Service You Will Admire

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All You Need to Know About a Dissertation Committee

Is there life after PhD? You will know only after you receive a PhD. It should be noted that not all candidates for a PhD cross the finish line. Only around 20-40% are allowed to defend their dissertations and get a degree. Universities set their own rules for dissertation writing and decide if your dissertation is good enough for a degree. A committee of a few people (usually from faculty of the same university, sometimes inviting professors from other academic institutions) examine and discuss whether the author is worthy of an academic rank or not. Decisions are made by two opponents: “external” (from another university) and “internal” (from the same department). Sometimes the number of opponents increases to three. A supervisor typically can be present during this procedure, but he or she doesn’t participate in making final decisions.

All you need to know about the dissertation committee

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