How to Do Dissertation Research

First of all, let’s understand what dissertation research is. It is a small research project for your undergraduate or master degree program. Keep in mind that your future dissertation for your doctoral degree may be based on this dissertation research, so choose the topic wisely if you are serious about aiming to go deeper into science.

dissertation research

Dissertation research demonstrates the author as a researcher, displaying the ability to independently carry out scientific research, as well as to formulate and creatively solve scientific problems using scientific methods and techniques for their solutions. This is the first stage for research and scientific activity.

How to Do Dissertation Research?

If you have decided to write dissertation research by yourself, you need to know the main stages that you should go through.

  1. Choose a dissertation research topic. Find an interesting and unique topic. Your department should approve it, and only then you can start the next stage.
  2. Find information resources for writing the project. To avoid forgetting to mention all resources in your bibliography, make a separate file.
  3. Develop a research question and wait until it will be accepted by your department.
  4. Write a plan for your research. Remember the main rules: it should be manageable, specific and relevant.
  5. Complete the first part of the research writing. Usually it contains main information about the topic from literature sources. But it should not be just copying sentences from books, it should be your own understanding of the topic.
  6. Write the second part. Describe methods that you are going to use in your dissertation and describe why the chosen methods are better than others.
  7. Present the practical part of your research. Add calculations if needed.
  8. Add visual aids like tables, diagrams and illustrations that will ease the understandability of the data.
  9. Refer to the thoughts of authoritative sources and show your awareness of the current situation surrounding the research topic.
  10. Write an introduction and conclusion. It is better to write these parts only after completing the main parts of your research, as you will have a full understanding of the topic and your research as a whole.
  11. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation. Also, organize citations properly.

How to Start Dissertation Research?

Dissertation research usually begins with choosing a topic, and frequently you should do it by yourself. Even if you have already had some ideas, it may be difficult to come up with a certain topic under much pressure. Here is some advice to consider:

  • Discuss it with other students. What topics do they have? Does your topic interest them?
  • Look through titles of already written dissertations in the library. You can set a certain field that interests you and find some good ideas.
  • Think about your previous essays and research works: which topic was the most interesting for you?
  • Look at your learning plan and seek out topics that you found most interesting.
  • Stay critical. Is there an existing study that you are skeptical of? You can replicate it in a different setting.

Also, you can receive good advice from your supervisor. Do not neglect the chance to discuss your topic and ideas with your professor.

What Are Dissertation Research Questions?

how to do dissertation research

The unique argument that centers and guides your dissertation is a research question. It should be focused and clear, and simply allow the author to take an arguable position. Writing a research question (or a series of connected questions) during early investigations will help you to avoid losing track among distracting, yet interesting (but unsuitable) information.

Once you have done the preliminary research for information about your topic, you can determine main questions that have been already investigated. On this basis you can analyze them and generate new questions. Also, consider the fact that the question you pick should become the main link for your future paper and it should be interesting for you and your future audience.

Your research question should set out:

  • A problem that you are going to explore.
  • The thesis (the aim of paper).
  • The limitations (what fields you are not going to explore).

If you need certain information to be considered in your research, always refer to your research question to keep the right direction. If during the investigation, you understand that you do not have enough relevant information, you may rethink your research question, but before this serious step, ask your supervisor first.

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