Dissertation Writing Life Hacks That Make Your Life Much Easier

If you decided to pursue an academic degree, writing a dissertation is one of the many tasks you will have to accomplish in the nearest future. The process is very time-consuming, so students often wonder when to start writing a dissertation in order to finish it before the deadline without time troubles.

How to Start Writing a Dissertation

Planning Your Work

Actually, no one knows how much time you need to finish everything except you. Just remember to be honest with yourself and multiply the time you think you will need by two. Some days, you will procrastinate while thinking about how to start writing a dissertation, and on others, you will be super-productive, even forgetting to eat your dinner.

Another good thing is to think of an emergency plan, just in case something goes terribly wrong. Leave two or three “buffer” months for moving to another apartment, illnesses, break-ups with your girlfriend/boyfriend and other things that tend to happen in ordinary life and distract you from writing your academic paper. What can you do in these extra months? You can look for a cheap dissertation writing service to help you with certain parts of your work, text formatting, and other tasks while you are dealing with real life troubles.

Make friends with someone who is also writing a dissertation. Therefore, you will have a buddy to complain to about your thesis troubles. Normally, people have no idea how to start a dissertation, so stop torturing your parents and friends with science questions and ask somebody that’s going through the same thing as you. Such cooperation will certainly help you to come up with great ideas.

Moreover, you and your dissertation buddy can make a promise to control each other. To be honest, the main problem for all students is laziness. If you find someone who can inspire you to work harder, and whom you will inspire too, both of you will have no trouble with finishing your research on time.

When to Start Writing a Dissertation?

Start writing it now. Seriously, there’s nothing more effective than just simply getting to work (except with ordering it online, of course). Turning you writing practice into a habitual action is a very useful thing to do. But you should be strict with yourself, and allow yourself to miss writing only in the case of an emergency (illness and so on). Otherwise, this technique won’t work at all or be as effective.

How to Start Writing a Dissertation?

Actually, there’s no need for writing everything step by step. You can start with the literature overview, then move to the introduction, and after that, note your main thoughts on the methodology. Scientific writing, as well as any other kind of writing, is a very creative process. Don’t force yourself to stick to the outline; write everything that comes to your head. And once you have enough material to compose a dissertation, only then should you start being critical and picky.

Other Dissertation Writing Tricks

Once you have dealt with such questions as “when to start writing a dissertation,” and “what to start with,” you may still encounter some troubles in the process.

  1. If you’re stuck with a certain chapter or even a paragraph, simply skip it and return later. The same rule is applicable to any other studying activities, such as writing an essay, doing coursework, or making a test paper.
  2. Don’t put too many expectations or too much effort into it. Otherwise, you may feel disappointed and bewildered once everything is finished.
  3. Choose the topic you are interested in (at least a bit!). Writing a 5-page essay on the topic you aren’t enthusiastic about is hard, but writing a 50+ page thesis on the same topic is nearly impossible.