5 Rules on Thesis Writing Everyone Must Know

thesis writing

This article is about writing a sentence, one very important sentence. What is that? Of course, we are talking about thesis writing. Almost in each of our articles, we mentioned that completing a good thesis is very important for the success of the whole paper. Also, we gave some tips on how to cope with your statement. Now, we have decided that this topic deserves more than just a couple of tips. It deserves a separate article. Get acquainted with our tips and examples, or get “write my essay for cheap” help right away!

5 Crucial Rules on Writing a Thesis Statement

We have gathered the most essential rules that you should follow when completing a thesis statement. Also, we’ll provide you with correct and incorrect examples of thesis statements.

Rule #1: Make it clear and specific.

You should create a thesis that is understandable for readers. Try to compose a sentence that won’t be understood in different ways by different people. To achieve clearance, you should make your thesis very specific. Avoid usage of notions that are too broad, such as society, freedom, or something of this nature.


Society doesn’t accept gay marriage because it is not ready for it.
Comment: This sentence doesn’t explain anything to us. Which society? What is meant by “doesn’t accept”? The phrase “is not ready for it” also can be interpreted in many ways. The sentence can’t be true or false because it is not specific.

Corrected example

The main reason for the intolerant attitude to gay marriages in Russian Federations is the orientation of this country’s government to military aggression.
Comment: In the corrected example, you can see that we specified which society we are talking about and provided the reader with a more concrete reason for an “intolerant attitude to gay marriages.”

Rule #2: Complete a statement, not a question or imperative.

Your thesis should be written in the form of a statement. If you complete it in the form of a question or an imperative sentence, your stance will be unclear. How can you prove an idea that is formulated in question form? It is impossible.


  1. Do people who smoke care about their children?
  2. Quit smoking if you have children!

Corrected examples
People who smoke and would like to have children in the future should quit smoking because harmful substances from cigarettes will negatively influence their children’s health.

Rule #3: Speak confidently.

We would like to explain the difference between thesis and hypothesis to you. When you are conducting experiments and writing research, you can make a hypothesis at the beginning of your research because you don’t know what result you will get. You make assumptions on the basis of the theoretical framework. When we talk about writing a thesis, we mean that you already conducted research on a specific topic, made conclusions, and you can form the main idea, which is the thesis. So, a hypothesis can be written in the form of an assumption, unlike a thesis.


Systematic alcohol drinking may influence the health of a person.
Comment: How does this sentence sound in your opinion? Do you agree that it reflects the author’s uncertainty in what he or she is saying? It seems that the author didn’t conduct proper research and can’t present strong arguments to support the stance. Also, the presented thesis is too broad and general.

Corrected example

Drug rehab clinics must be absolutely free for alcohol addicted people of all ages.

Rule #4: Create a thesis of an adequate length.

As a rule, a thesis is one sentence or two sentences. It shouldn’t be too long or too short. If your thesis is too long, split it into two sentences or paraphrase. Take into consideration that your statement shouldn’t take the whole paragraph. There should be some sentences that prepare the reader for a thesis, some background information.


  1. Today, having more virtual friends than friends in the real world is a norm because many people suffer from an inferiority complex, and they can hardly bear meeting face to face; however, the reality is that online communication provokes more psychological problems than it solves.
  2. Online communication helps people to always keep in touch.

Comment: The first sample sentence is too long and contains too much background information. The thesis statement is not clearly stated in this sentence. The reader can only suppose that the main idea is the following: “online communication provokes more psychological problems than it solves.” The second sample sentence is too short and it is not informative.

Corrected examples

  1. Online communication provokes more psychological problems than it solves.
  2. Regular online communication is the most effective tool to tighten family bonds in the 21st century.

Rule #5: Don’t bring accusations.

Try not to write in an accusatory voice. If a person doesn’t support your idea, he or she will feel indignant and won’t read your evidence properly. Accordingly, you won’t convince this reader. He or she will be prejudiced towards you.


The government is to blame for the problem of obesity.

Correct example

One of the factors which stimulate the problem of obesity is the lack of social policy changes made by the government to fight this problem.
Comment: The corrected example sounds softer than the first example. It has a better chance to make the reader think over the problem and continue reading.

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