Dissertation vs Thesis

Every educational institution may clarify the definitions of dissertation and thesis in their own way, but you may still be thinking, “what is dissertation or thesis exactly?”

what is dissertation or thesis

A thesis is a scientific work that has from 30 to 45 pages of an independent research project and is usually a final part of a master degree program.
A dissertation is a profound piece of writing that contains personal investigations in certain forms of research and is a final part of a doctoral degree program.

As you can see from the definitions above, dissertations and theses are of different levels. After defending a dissertation, you will get a doctoral degree; alternatively, when you complete a thesis, you will receive a master’s degree.

In order to write a dissertation for obtaining a doctoral degree, you should complete a master’s degree program and attend postgraduate studies for three years and more.

If your thesis was completely projected by your tutor and you have received good advice and full attention, a postgraduate program will require much more self-dependence. You will learn everything that you didn’t want to learn during the master’s program. This means going through hundreds of books.

First, a dissertation differs from a thesis with the number of pages. A thesis is about 30-45 pages, while a dissertation requires about 200 pages.

Second – they are of different scales of studies. For example, if you make an empirical study in your thesis, you will take information from 30-40 people, while in a dissertation, up to 100 people and more. Figuratively speaking, a thesis is a study at the level of a class or enterprise (institution). A dissertation tends to the study of respondents of the whole region (country) or groups (all the workers of the country, or all of the country sellers, or all students in high school for example).

Third, they have different specification levels for the object and subject of study.

The institute concretizes the object for you, in order to avoid the situation where you climb into the maze of science and aren’t be able to solve questions that are even beyond the powers of Einstein and Freud.

In your dissertation research, you define the object and subject on your own and detail it so that you could somehow really “move” the science. Of course, here you will also get help from your instructor – a person who already has a PhD degree. Whereas in thesis work for a master degree, your head can be a professor without a degree or even a senior lecturer.

Fourth, when preparing the thesis, you must process up to 40 scientific sources and submit references. In the preparation for the dissertation, this list is much larger and amounts to more than 50 titles. Also take into consideration, if your dissertation is above 100 pages, you should present 100+ titles in your bibliography sources.

Furthermore, it is necessarily to use statistical methods in a dissertation in order to confirm the truth of information obtained on a selection. At the same time, thesis work sometimes bypasses such methods, since it is still a whole world of unknown information for students that are not going into scientific work after graduation.

A PhD dissertation should be a scientifically qualified work that meets one of the following two points, determining the nature of the dissertation results:

  1. Dissertation must contain the solution to a problem of significant importance for the relevant field of expertise.
  2. Dissertation must contain scientifically proved technical, economic or technological developments, which are essential for the particular scientific field.

The dissertation must contain new scientific and practical conclusions and recommendations, identify the ability of the postgraduate student to carry out independent research, and demonstrate profound theoretical knowledge of the discipline and expertise in the dissertation problem.

A characteristic feature of a dissertation is an in-depth study of scientific questions and solving a particular scientific problem in the local area of scientific knowledge.

For many US institutions, the meanings for thesis and dissertation may be interchangeable, so don’t be confused. Clearly understand the goals of your scientific work and ask for advice from your instructor.

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