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Expressing gratitude is an integral part of human society since it grants people a chance to show appreciation for help granted by others and makes both the receiver and the giver happy. In the United States and Canada, a special secular holiday is celebrated annually, commonly known as Thanksgiving Day (Ground 47).

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While America celebrates Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November and ushers in the festive seasons of Christmas and New Year, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the first Monday of October. Besides being a celebration of American culture and history, Thanksgiving promotes unity and upholds the virtue of gratitude among Americans, as explained in this essay.

In the United States, Thanksgiving marks the celebration of American culture and history as it stemmed from the first recorded celebration at Plymouth in 1621. Initially, the pilgrims celebrated the day by giving thanks for the harvest received, among other blessings of the year that was about to end, as a celebration that lasted two days (Ground 48). Nowadays, Americans celebrate the day by integrating turkeys in their meals as it is assumed that the fowls provided by the pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving were probably turkeys. The turkey is uniquely American, and incorporating it in the Thanksgiving meal brings an aspect of culture. Besides the turkey, Americans also enjoy pumpkin pies and cranberries as part of their traditional delicacies. Thus, Thanksgiving celebrates both the history and the traditions of the American people.

Thanksgiving promotes unity as it brings families and friends together. As a holiday nationally celebrated in the United States, families and friends get together, which often involves extensive traveling, marking Thanksgiving as one of the busiest holidays in America (Felter 1 and 3). Furthermore, traveling shows the commitment the American people have to their friends and families. In appreciation, friends and family members exchange gifts, especially after the Thanksgiving dinner, an act that promotes unity and strengthens both family and friendship bonds. Therefore, the coming together of friends and families promotes unity.

As an annual celebration, Thanksgiving instills and upholds the virtue of gratitude among Americans. With the passing of time and the challenges presented by life, it is sometimes natural that individuals will forget to give thanks. For example, the outbreak of COVID-19 affected many families that there almost seemed like nothing to be grateful for in 2020, and the restrictions made the celebration more difficult (Felter 3). However, Thanksgiving Day as a holiday granted everyone a chance to show appreciation to people who have shown kindness and offered help and blessings in their lives, despite the pandemic. Therefore, most Americans learn gratitude from a young age, which becomes an integral part of their lives. Hence, Thanksgiving develops and upholds gratitude as a virtue among most American citizens.


In summary, Thanksgiving celebrates the American culture and history, promotes unity, and upholds the virtue of gratitude among Americans. Eating traditional delicacies such as turkey and pumpkin pies reminds Americans of their past and treasured traditions and promotes nationalism. Again, the celebration brings together families and friends, enhancing the bond and the love shared among people, promoting unity. Lastly, Thanksgiving develops and upholds gratitude as a virtue among American citizens. Gratitude shows appreciation and improves the relationship between individuals by recognizing efforts. Although it is a one-day holiday, most Americans often show gratitude on other occasions, promoting national unity and improving life’s quality.

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