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The American Dream: Analysis


Many nations in the contemporary world have tried their best to emulate and implement their dream of prosperity, promise, and hope to the people in their systems. Notably, the American Dream has acted as a fundamental blueprint for the people, boosting their motivation in embracing better living standards and patriotism.

the american dream essay

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Understanding the American Dream requires individuals to define its origin, the circumstances that led to the vision, and the experiences that the concept has led the people to go through. The American Dream is a critical vision in the hearts of the people, based on and not limited to its origin, circumstances of its coining, and its current course.

Discussion on the American Dream

One of the pivotal elements that the American people are proud of is their heritage, culture, and democracy, but more significant is the American Dream. The American Dream is at the core of the hearts of Americans based on its purpose of prosperity to the people, promise, and hope that stretches to all other parts of the world. The origin of the American Dream lies in an individual critical thinker in the 20th century, historian James T. Adams. The researcher coined the term in his work in 1931, a book that was released during America’s Great Depression (Wolak and Peterson 971). Therefore, the piece on the American Dream acted as a motivation and a reminder of the mission and vision of American society.

The original version of the American Dream, based on James T. Adams, was on making life on the American land whole and prosperous for all the citizens and equal opportunities for everyone based on their achievement or ability. More versions of the dream have been developed by other researchers, altering the original meaning coined by the historian. People have also misinterpreted the American Dream, focusing on materialism as the form of success advocated by James T. Adams, which is wrong (Wolak and Peterson 976). The American Dream was developed in the concept of achieving success at the societal level to build a nation together in times of need. But most people and generations have altered the American Dream to measuring efficiency on an interpersonal level (Wolak et al. p.973). Therefore, over the past decades, multiple changes have occurred in the interpretation of the American Dream, mainly from the societal level to the individual level of determining success.

However, multiple aspects have affected the American Dream over the past decades, with inequality playing a fundamental issue. For instance, the rise of economic disparities in the 1970s heavily contributed to the shrinking of the American Dream in various aspects (Goodman and Mayer 42). Many employees have experienced lower wages compared to the national level. Besides, the American people have also experienced disparities of income and wealth, spreading capitalism and materialism in the region than before. The overall decline in focus on the American Dream has overall affected the reputation of the economy of the United States (Goodman and Mayer 46). Therefore, more efforts are required to restore hope, prosperity, and equity, the vision encompassed in the American Dream.


The initial American Dream, founded under the prosperity of the people, promise, and hope, is the fundamental requirement for the success of the United States as a unitary society. The people must interpret the American Dream based on its original version of the promise, hope, and prosperity of the Americans and all other people globally.

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