Historical Analysis Sample: The Battle of Stalingrad

Why Was Conquering Stalingrad So Crucial for Germany Strategy in WWII?

The battle of Stalingrad was a crucial point of strategy for Germany and the central powers in World War II, because the capture of Stalingrad would have expanded German rule into southern Russia and destroyed any form of transportation southern Russia had with northern Russia over the Volga River. Unfortunately for Germany, the battle of Stalingrad did not go as planned. The Soviet Union defeated German troops and managed to stop German advancement into Russia. History.com explains how important the Battle of Stalingrad was in the bigger picture of the War. “This monumental battle is justly considered a turning point in the war on the Eastern Front and one of the most crucial engagements of World War II.” Continue reading Historical Analysis Sample: The Battle of Stalingrad

The Odyssey Review Sample: Personification

What are the brightest examples of personification found in Homer’s “The Odyssey”?

In nowadays literature world personification is defined as attribution of humanlike qualities to non-human objects. Contemporary and long-recognized authors commonly use this technique in their writings. Moreover, until recently, personification was directly linked to allegory (Paxson, 1994), so the most antique works of literature can be now associated with this writing method. One of those works is Homer’s Odyssey, which is filled with several personifications. Continue reading The Odyssey Review Sample: Personification