Descriptive Wedding Essay: Who Doesn’t Love a Wedding?

Needles to say, everyone is familiar with the concept of a wedding ceremony. A wedding marks the union between two people and their celebration of love. This holy union is regarded by sociologists to be universal culture, which means it exists in some form in all societies.

Descriptive Wedding Essay

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First of all, this particular ceremony and its rituals vary based on culture, ethnic groups, religion, and social status. A well-known wedding format is the traditional church wedding, while some prefer a more casual reunion. It may also differ in that families may go either for an intimate gathering or an elaborate event that includes a reception and a party. However, every wedding has its particularities, and it is known that there are some common rituals among cultures.

Many cultures have adopted the white wedding style, where the bride wears a white gown and veil. This is thought to be linked to Queen Elisabeth and her values regarding purity and temperance, which is one of the seven Christian virtues.

Furthermore, the use of wedding rings is a part of religious ceremonies among the world. Its origins are not very clear, but it is thought that the rings mark the love connection between the individuals. Another practice that we often see at weddings is the throwing of rice once the ceremony has ended. This practice is thought to bring the happy couple prosperity and fertility.

At the end of the day, we all know that the wedding ceremony is considered globally the most significant union between two people, so if you are going for the traditional ceremony or choose a low key event, no matter what you choose, it all comes down to the same celebration: love.

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