How to Cheat at Dissertation Prospectus Writing

Yaaay, finally a paper you can literally make out of thin air and get it approved! Just kidding, of course. Students write whatever comes to their heads in the last night before the deadline while doing any kind of paper, not just a dissertation prospectus. Okay, now it’s time to get serious.

dissertation prospectus

What is dissertation prospectus? It is something you write before you actually do the dissertation, which means it’s neither like an abstract (a summary of a completed paper), nor an introduction to the dissertation. Do you already feel confused? It’s okay, since no one actually has a clear idea of how this paper should be written, and also why. We are not very fond of extra paper work, such as a prospectus, proposal, etc., so we are going to teach you the easiest way to do this paper.

To put a long story short, a dissertation prospectus is your guess about the future research. Of course, in a perfect world you have to do some primary research first, and then work on your prospectus. However, we promised to teach you how to cheat at prospectus writing, especially because of the fact that most students will do it in the last several days before the deadline. Here’s what you can do:

1) Search for dissertation abstracts related to your topic.

Abstracts are usually available in free access on the Internet, so you don’t need to go to the university library or pay $15 for each paper, which might not even be so useful for you. And assuming the fact you are working on this paper a couple of days before it’s due, you won’t have much time to read a whole dissertation as well.

Reading abstracts will suffice for giving you a general idea of what other scientists do in your field of studies, what tendencies and laws have been discovered recently, what kind of research is the most frequent and popular, etc. This will be your basis for shaping the research, given you have absolutely no idea of what is going on in your academic field. This is quite a rare occurrence, because where have you been throughout all the university years, then? Even the least diligent students have a vague idea about what’s going on.

2) Define what you want from your dissertation.

Feel free to note your most wild guesses — in the scientific realm, of course. Plans like “I’m going to invent teleportation” probably won’t be regarded seriously by your dissertation committee, but you may give it a try. Your prospectus consists of your guesses and aims that you are going to follow during your research, so don’t worry if they seem a little bit too difficult for you, or that your research won’t turn out according to the initial plan. This is a totally normal practice in colleges and universities: you have a theory, you check it by conducting research, it turns out to be wrong and you write about how you failed. This is called science!

3) Try “free writing” your prospectus.

The first rule of dissertation prospectus: no one should talk about how to write dissertation prospectus. So you are free to write (get the pun, no?) whatever you want first, and then read it after a while, laugh and write something normal.

Joking aside, free writing is actually a really effective technique when it comes to overcoming writer’s block, especially with scientific writing. At first you may not believe that such a notorious problem as writer’s block can be defeated by writing whatever comes to your mind, but that is actually the secret. If you have thought about your research at least two or three times before you start working on the prospectus, you actually know what to write in your dissertation prospectus, you just believe it won’t fit in or be good enough or receive the dissertation committee’s approval.

But you know what? The best way of how to write dissertation prospectus is to actually start writing! And even if it doesn’t work out really well, remember that you always have back-up, provided by the experienced and skilled WritingCheap specialists, who will create a great prospectus for your dissertation with ease and pleasure.

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