How to Choose Research Proposal Topics

While studying in high school and university, you will inevitably encounter the need to write a research proposal – to conduct research on various scientific, technical, or social aspects of a phenomenon. If you have never done this before, the task may seem complicated. However, not everything is so scary! The work, of course, does not write itself – but in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about writing research papers and give a list of good research proposal topics!

what are good research proposal topics

1. Read the requirements.

As soon as you will receive requirements for your research proposal, get acquainted with the main features and tasks. Make sure that you have properly understood the needed direction and have considered all criteria for evaluating the research work.

2. Figure out what directions interest you the most.

The topic should be interesting enough that you will have a desire to be engaged in it for a long time. Research activities, like all types of creativity, are possible and effective only on a voluntary basis. The desire to explore something occurs when the object attracts, surprises, and causes interest.

3. Study the literature.

Pick up the literature on the topic, and get acquainted with its content. When reading the literature, highlight the main ideas, propositions, evidence, arguments, and conclusions, and then focus on them.

Classify statements made when reading the sources in question with bookmarks, and mark the most significant places or make extracts. Analyze the collected material, think upon it, and then make generalized conclusions.

4. Suggest a list of research proposal topics.

Determine for yourself the problem and the list of topics for your future work. Try to formulate the purpose and tasks of the work. Determine how you will be conducting your research and use it for the topic.
If you have trouble with it, you can choose from the list of suggested topics at the end of this article.

5. Draw up a mind map.

Make a map to help determine the right topic from your list. Take a blank sheet of paper. Draw your main idea in the center in a cell. Draw a line coming from this center and draw another cell. Write in it something that is related to the basic idea.

Continue drawing cells and writing down your thoughts in them. Sometimes you will get ideas coming from secondary cells. You can continue to expand the tree of your ideas. This little technique will help you determine the course that you should take and to choose final versions for your proposal.

6. Ask your tutor for a meeting.

Show your teacher the results of your independent work. Ask for help if there are difficulties with the topic or research process. At this meeting, you must accurately understand the nature of the scientific problem and clarify the parameters of the topic.

Together with the help of the tutor, you will be able to write a work plan which will determine the main areas of work and the timing of their implementation. Also, you may be advised on what are some research proposal topics suitable for your research work.

Pay attention to the teacher’s recommendations regarding the most suitable literature on the topic, as well as advice on the proposed structure of the work.

If you are still puzzled about what are good research proposal topics, the following list may put some ideas into your head.

Psychologyresearch proposal topics_psychology

  • PR techniques of political parties: general and special.
  • The impact of the intellectual burden on the emotional state of adolescents.
  • The effect of listening to music on a student’s memory.
  • The effect of corrective work on the biological age of a woman.
  • Perception of guilt and the possibility of forgiveness.
  • Individual psychological characteristics of adolescents belonging to a particular subculture.
  • Youth slang as a form of self-affirmation of children.
  • Crowd behavior and mass consciousness.
  • Family attitudes in the value system of modern adolescents in different countries.

Economyresearch proposal topics_economics

  • The study of electricity consumption depending on the time of year.
  • American depression and its impact on the world economy.
  • Impact of the firm’s business reputation on business success.
  • The role of the World Bank in the global economy.
  • Family budget and economic problems of rational use of resources.
  • Economic analysis of the causes of the financial crisis and the definition of methods for its prevention.
  • Social advertising in the city and its impact on the citizens.
  • Methods of technical analysis of the securities market.
  • Use of inequalities in solving economic problems.
  • Modern methods of antimonopoly regulation and competition protection.

Historyresearch proposal topics_history

  • Socio-economic development of Ancient Greece in the 8th-6th centuries BC.
  • Analysis of the English alphabet in the past and present.
  • Battle of Borodino through the eyes of the French.
  • Is the British royal family a relic of the past?
  • Was there a complete collapse of the Roman Empire or was it reborn?
  • In search of the Holy Grail: from the beginnings to our days.
  • The impact of epidemics on historical events occurring on Earth.
  • Is the flood myth a projection of earthly cataclysms and disasters?
  • Analysis of state and religious holidays in the Arab world.
  • Imperial features in the philosophical and religious representations of the Ancient Incas.

Biologyresearch proposal topics_biology

  • Influence of phytoncidal plants on living organisms.
  • Influence of various conditions on growth and reproduction of yeast.
  • Appearance and development of conditioned reflexes.
  • Dependence of photoperiodic reactions on the effect of light on the plants.
  • Studying the inheritance of signs of left-handedness in the family.
  • Investigation of the relationship between a student’s way of life and the density of his body.
  • Investigation of the influence of noise and music on the memory and attention of a person.
  • Origins of vegetarianism and its influence on human health.
  • The role of vitamins in the process of human growth and development.
  • Research of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics in medicines.

Artresearch proposal topics on art

  • Biblical subjects and images in the works of El Greco.
  • Images of the Madonna in the works of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Reflection of images of primitive art in the works of P. Gauguin.
  • The search for the Fauves and the features of their figurative language.
  • The role of Toulouse-Lautrec in the development of poster art.
  • The artistic specifics of the Venetian painting school.
  • Pagan symbolism in folk crafts.
  • Dance music of the early 17th century by composer Andrea Falconieri.
  • Unconventional drawing techniques in the visual arts.
  • Sculptural image of man in the art of Ancient Egypt.

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