The 20 Best Term Paper Topics Ever

Don’t read this paragraph. We’ve written it because we can’t start right from the list of topics. Why? We need to follow generally accepted rules of writing articles. They say that there should be an introduction. So, here it is. This article is about term paper topics which you could understand from the title. Let’s finally move to them.

Environment Term Paper Topics


  1. According to NASA’s results, July 2016 was the hottest month since 1880. Can we admit that this is only the beginning of global warming? If the records for the next five years are the same, what consequences would we observe? Which are the most dangerous for humans? What preventive measures can we take now?
  2. Tortoises with painted shells have been recently found in Florida. This type of “art” has become popular. What is your attitude towards painting different animals, including pets? Should those “artists” be punished if the animal was damaged by dye?
  3. What are the advantages of building offshore wind farms? What are the risks? Does building offshore wind farms serve well the economy of the country, the ecological state, or both?
  4. Organic farming vs. conventional. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of farming according to the latest studies? Which type of farming is better for the economy of the country?
  5. What is the most environmentally friendly way of producing energy? Could mankind survive if only alternative energy sources are used?

Health Term Paper Topics


  1. British doctors tend to prescribe testosterone much more often now than in the past (prescriptions rose by around 90% between 2000-2010). Why do they prescribe testosterone for both men and women? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using testosterone for women?
  2. What impact does Pokémon Go have on the general state of health of its players? In particular, investigate the influence of the application on people’s brain functions.
  3. How to reduce the risk of having heart attack? What should people do on their own to reduce the risk? If you were the representative of the government, what would you do to reduce dramatically the amount of deaths from heart strokes?
  4. How to fight computer vision syndrome? Should employers find ways to reduce workers’ time spent sitting at the computer? What limit should be establish for working at the computer without breaks?
  5. How many metabolic equivalent minutes (Met minutes) of physical activity should people conduct to be healthy? Is it possible to reach recommended rates by doing routine activities?

Social Life Term Paper Topics


  1. The Policy of payments for overtime work in different countries. How much should employers pay for overtime, in your opinion? How does overtime at a job affect people’s health? Do you consider whether employers who make their employees work overtime should be punished?
  2. Does racism concern only black people? What displays of racism have you seen towards people of other races? Do you consider that racial minorities sometimes use abuse from racism to gain their aims?
  3. The psychological effects of todays’ ads on children. What topics would you exclude from ads to decrease the chances of children developing psychological traumas?
  4. Should organ sale be legalized? Do you think that a person should give a special permission for the sale of his or her organs?
  5. Should children choose their future professions on their own or should parents make the decision instead of them?

Sports Term Paper Topics


  1. Does a professional sport make people healthier, or just the contrary? Choose any type of sport and illustrate positive and negative impacts.
  2. Should children be paid for their sports achievements? Do you think their parents should receive the money, or should children themselves when they are grown-up?
  3. Politics in the Olympics. Do you believe that the quantity of medals that each country will get at the Olympics is known before the games start? Do you consider if the Olympics rating reflects the political world-view?
  4. Are professional sportsmen overpaid? Compare several optional professions, one of which concern sports and their average salaries. Also, take into consideration average lifetime.
  5. Which kinds of sports must be banned? Why?

What Are Good Term Paper Topics?

If topics from our list are not suitable for you, choose the topic on your own. Here is some advice:

  • Choose the important problem. You need to reveal the problem that is important for a lot of people, if you would like to build readers’ interest in your paper.
  • Use actual issues. Time runs fast. Try to write about the problems that are still unresolved and which resolving is important for people.
  • Make broad topics narrower. Don’t write about everything at once. Despite the fact that a term paper is extended work, it is not endless. You should take a narrow issue and investigate it thoroughly. However, keep in mind that the topic shouldn’t be too narrow. Ask you teacher for advice.

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