Top Child Psychology Topics to Note!

As a branch of psychology, which is an intricate study itself, child psychology is aimed at probing into the mentality of kids and investigating their psychological processes. Child psychology is often a lot more complex than that of adults, which makes it quite challenging for young scholars to generate proper child psychology topics. On that account, the experts of WritingCheap have prepared the best selection of topics on child psychology for you!

Child Psychology Topics

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Child Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. The evident signs of severe sexual abuse in small children.
  2. How to discuss properly painful sexual abuse with kids.
  3. The treatment of acute PTSD in introverted children.
  4. The theoretical background for anxiety treatment in kids.
  5. How to help children cope with their fears.
  6. The techniques for managing coronavirus anxiety in kids.
  7. How to handle professionally severe panic attacks in kids.
  8. The ways of treating acute social anxiety in small children.
  9. Social media as a trigger of anxiety in children.
  10. Cognitive-behavioral therapy as an effective tool for treating social anxiety in toddlers.
  11. How to help children overcome their social awkwardness.
  12. Agoraphobia in children with PTSD.
  13. Negative thinking in children with OCD.
  14. ADHD in kids with autism.
  15. The possible causes of ADHD in kids from four to nine years old.

Child Psychology Essay Topics

  1. The troubles that kids experience with sudden transitions.
  2. Managing periods in girls with ADHD.
  3. The importance of effective brain training for kids with autism.
  4. The key principles of diagnosing ADHD.
  5. The modern pediatrics in treating ADHD.
  6. The major triggers of depression in children from unfortunate families.
  7. The treatment of depression in children who suffer from domestic violence.
  8. Parental abuse as the main factor of aggression in kids.
  9. The most common risk factors for teenage suicides.
  10. The first signs of manic depressive disorder in kids.
  11. The causes of bipolar disorder in teenagers from wealthy families.
  12. The latest innovations in finding the cure for borderline disorder in adolescents.
  13. Timely detection of OCD in preteens.
  14. The colossal impact of bullying on teenagers.
  15. What causes adolescents to be exposed to bullying.
  16. The time-proven methods of eradicating bullying practices in high school.
  17. Cognitive-behavioral therapy in helping children deal with bullying.
  18. Child abuse as the main trigger of suicidal tendencies among teens.

Child Development Research Topics

  1. What to do if your kid is a bully.
  2. How to protect a kid from cyber bullying.
  3. Socialization issues in kids subjected to domestic violence.
  4. Common learning challenges in kids with OCD.
  5. How to cope with disruptive behavior in kids.
  6. The problems of gender identification in early adolescence.
  7. How teenagers get over traumatic events.
  8. The advancement of child psychology in the past 20 years.
  9. Gender dysphoria in teenagers.
  10. The problems of social integration in kids with gender dysphoria.
  11. The challenges of finding the approach to an adolescent with gender dysphoria.
  12. What psychological help needs to be provided to teens with gender dysphoria.
  13. The ways of alleviating schizophrenia outbreaks in adolescents.
  14. Mental illnesses as the cause of a distorted self-image in teens.
  15. Binge drinking among adolescents as a result of mental disorders.

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