Why Should We Eat Healthy Food Essay

Eating healthy is something that most people should do as much as possible. A good serving of meat, fruits, and vegetables in an average person’s meal is a healthy way to eat. A balanced diet addresses the daily nutritional needs of people to keep them in shape and fueled to perform the day to day tasks. Healthy food is good for the body, but why can eating healthy food also be good for a person’s mental well-being?

healthy eating essay example

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In a recent article, limiting the intake of process foods and increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables was found to help alleviate the symptoms of depression (Aubrey). The researchers’ findings in their study also suggest that other psychologically-related concerns like the progression of ADHD in some individuals could be partly attributed to a diet where fatty fish and vegetables are eaten less. Different studies also suggest in general that having a diet supplemented with fruits and vegetables provides positive effects in the psychological wellness of individuals (Pulido). Having an apple a day can perhaps keep depression away.

There are also several claims where having a good eating habit can help or even boost critical thinking. One author suggested in her article that incorporating a healthy dose of nuts and seeds in the diet can help keep the brain in good shape (Hari). Nuts and seeds are believed to be rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant which is essential in slowing the aging process of cells.

A group of researchers found in their experiment that walnuts, which are rich in a multitude of potentially neuroprotective compounds, one of which is Vitamin E, gave a significant effect in the improvement on the inferential reasoning of the participants after a six-month period of study (Bailey). They also suggested that these significant effects on one domain of reason could further pave new ways on how to utilize a well-balanced diet for critical thinking skills that include analysis, explanation, inference, and problem-solving, among others (Bailey). Having a good dose of nuts in your diet can help to keep you sane and healthy.

In conclusion, having a hefty serving of good fruits, vegetables, and nuts in one’s diet help keep not only the body strong and healthy, but also the mind. A lot of studies are encouraging people to give attention to the way they eat, and these healthy foods give a multitude of positive effect in one’s well-being. Incorporating a variety of healthy foods can be truly beneficial, as it contributes to the general health and well-being of a person’s mind and body. Eat healthy to have a healthy body and a healthy brain.

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