Cheating Tricks in Exams – All You Need to Succeed

Almost everyone who has attended school, college, or university has had to deal with a cheating trick in exams. Small crumpled pieces of paper, classic notes written with a pen on a hand – these are options that are well known not only to students, but also successfully identified, if desired, by teachers.

cheating tricks in exams

Even a superficial acquaintance with using cheating tricks shows that not so much has been invented for the truly original, inconspicuous, and unusually tricky cheating tricks. But those that existed became not just exhibits, but also a reason for pride in the museums of many educational centers. As elsewhere, the field of ingenious cheating has its own classics. And let history not know their names, but their work lives.

We have prepared a ranking of the best cheating tricks in exams ever successfully used for cheating. The criteria is not only creativity, but also efficiency, applicability, and usability.

Notes worn on the skin

What could be simpler than the writing of a formula on a hand? Everyone has done it before, and there is nothing surprising here. But it is true only at first glance, because familiarity with the varieties of such cheating tricks once again confirms the long-standing observation that “genial is simple.” For example, did you think to write down notes between your fingers or the necessary formulas in small handwriting on the pads?

Truly endless opportunities open up for girls, given the characteristics of their clothes. Everyone has seen pictures with notes written on legs, which are hidden under the skirt. For a more modern option, so to speak, the latest method is a manicure with a cheat sheet. In short, there is a field for creativity, and you need to master it.

Pros: It is easy to carry them, easy to hide, and with a high probability to copy.

Cons: You can harm the skin, the “material” for writing is limited, and it is less suitable for guys.

Invisible “bomb”

A “bomb” is a cheat sheet with premade answers to questions that are handed in directly in the exam as your work. There are several methods for how to make such a cheat sheet invisible. For example, the text can be prewritten with a ballpoint pen without ink, and in the exam it will simply be filled in with ink. Another option: write the answers by placing a clean sheet below and press firmly on the pen, then fill it with ink.

Pros: It is highly efficient.

Cons: You can use it only in cases when all the exam questions are known.


Sometimes bringing a cheat sheet unnoticed is much more difficult than copying it: you are often asked to leave personal belongings in one place, and turn off phones. In this case, a rather original way to hide the cheat sheet is in the heel of a shoe. This of course does not guarantee that, in the end, it will still be possible to copy it, but it inspires a certain optimism in one’s own strength and inventiveness. Also, you can write a cheat sheet on the sole of the shoe, if the material and color allow.

Pros: You can bring a cheat sheet easily.

Cons: Due to incompetence, you can ruin your shoes, and it is not very convenient to get a cheat sheet from the heel.

Cloak and dagger

In this thematic section, we have combined several methods of cheating techniques in exam using technical devices that only 10 years ago were used only by heroes of popular television spy sagas. Today, the following tools will not surprise anyone.

The simplest (and cheapest) tool is a pen with invisible ink. Words written with it disappear in a minute, and you can see the writing only after shining a special flashlight on it, which, as a rule, is on the other end of the pen.

You can connect another useful gadget with a tiny earphone and a phone via Bluetooth technology – a GPS pen that has a built-in microphone (this gives you the opportunity to tell your friend questions, and then listen to the answers through the earphone).

Many modern organizers are, externally, no different from the calculator, which is allowed for use. In their memory, you can enter a significant amount of information and almost “legally” use it.

Pros: These have a high probability of remaining unnoticed, are efficient, and work with large databases.

Cons: They have a high cost, and can come with technical failures.

Mini cheat sheet

Teachers quite often talk about small cheat sheets hidden in such unpredictable places that it really amazes. There are frequent cases of a written cheat sheet with its subsequent concealment under the guise of a woman’s ring. For this, a popular print is used as a cover on top, which makes the ring look like jewelry. It’s quite difficult to do this yourself (although there are step-by-step instructions), so you can buy a ready-made ring right away.

Pros: such cheat sheets can be easily hidden.

Cons: they are hard to do, and the cheat sheet is usually of a small size.


This section is about expanding your options. In addition to the pen that is already familiar to many, from which the cheat sheet is taken out, there are many ways to either give a hint of what is not officially prohibited to use (to scratch formulas on a ruler, for example), or to hide a paper cheat sheet in stationery (for example, in the empty tube of a marker).

Pros: It is easy to bring with you, and you can use it without hiding.

Cons: It is difficult to make a cheat sheet, and there is limited space for it.

Smart watch

We decided to talk about this technical device separately for a number of reasons. First, we wish to once again pay tribute to the era of high technology and its impact on all spheres of life, including copying. Secondly, smart watches are a subject with which many, including examiners, are not yet very familiar. Proper use of such an item as a cheat sheet will most likely guarantee you success in passing the exam.

Pros: They are efficient, have all the advantages of technical cheat sheets, and do not draw attention from the teacher.

Cons: They come with a high cost.

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