How to Write an Essay Describing Yourself Quickly and Interestingly

At first glance, an essay of this kind seems simple, but this is not quite the case, since the term “about oneself” is not simply a listing of the merits or situations from life. This is a well-composed and presented text, after which the reader will have a clear idea of the person the essay is about. Therefore, to understand how to write an essay describing yourself, you will need certain materials and some patience.

write an essay describing yourself

How to Write a Descriptive Essay About Yourself – What You Need

To write an essay of this type, you can use interesting materials or programs to help you write. For example, you can use papers of this type already written by other people to catch their structure. If a person does not have the skills to write essays or other papers, then it will be more difficult to cope with this task. If you are thinking, “How to write a descriptive essay about myself?” then check out the following steps.

How to Write a Paper Describing Yourself: Structure

You can start writing about yourself when a clear plan is ready. To do this, on a piece of paper, you should determine how many chapters your paper will have and about what specifically it will be. The proposed plan may look like this:

  1. Introduction. Here you can introduce a story about your family and about your first years of life.
  2. The main part of the paper should consist of the disclosure of your personal traits when describing your life situations. After all, by simply listing all the advantages and disadvantages of your character without giving particular examples, you can end up with a boring and muddled text. The main part of the text should also reveal the main theme. That is, you need to describe the facts that characterize you as a person. It is also necessary to determine how you want to show yourself in the essay – for example, yourself as a husband, as a man, or as an employee, or a little bit about everything.
  3. The final part of the paper about yourself should be the result of everything written. You can express your opinion about your own assessment of your character, express the desire to change something in yourself, or express the desire to develop something in order to live in greater harmony with the world and others.

When writing an essay, there may be a risk of ending up with an unfinished story. This happens when a person enumerates many of his or her qualities and gives various examples of actions from life, but does not summarize. To prevent this, you need to reread the essay several times and determine whether you managed to convey the thought you wanted while creating your paper.

How to Describe Yourself Physically Essay

A description of a person’s appearance is usually a description of a person’s face, body shape, gestures, manner, characteristic posture, and clothing. The main task of such a description is to find the characteristic features – the main qualities of the person’s appearance – and to be able to convey these features in words. They may be associated with their peculiarity of manners, gait, occupation, or qualities of character.

Anything can be a source for descriptions of appearance. As with other descriptions, it can be a life experience where a verbal portrait is recreated from memory or imagination. The approximate essay plan follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. The overall impression (body, height)
  3. Facial features (facial contours, eyebrows, eyes, nose, forehead, lips, chin, cheeks), hair (color, length and shape of hair), ears
  4. Clothing
  5. Manners of behavior (gait, manner of speaking, posture)
  6. Conclusion

Possible definitions:

Eyes – green, gray, brown, blue, black, celestial, blue-gray, radiant, dark, expressive, thoughtful, light, large, small, cunning, running, narrow, slanting, evil, kind, wild, friendly, incredulous, treacherous …
Eyebrows – beautiful, straight, thick, thin, wide, shaggy, asymmetrical …
Forehead – high, low, open, straight, Socratic, wide, wrinkled, sloping, flat …
Look – confused, attentive, expressive, intelligent, curious, ironic, flirtatious, loving, confused, indifferent, envious, surprised, cheerful, incredulous, open, sad, enthusiastic, cunning, trustful …
Nose – straight, with a crook, snub, wide, narrow, long, short, ugly, beautiful, small …
Hair – short, long, brown, blond, gray, thick, lush, curly, shiny, straight, wavy, braided in tresses, tucked back, combed back, disheveled …
Body – good, slim, tall, large, thin, squat, masculine, feminine …
Gait – fast, unhurried, light, silent, heavy, waddled, strange, bouncing, funny …
Pose – majestic, tense, elegant, beautiful, picturesque, strange, unconstrained, comfortable, uncomfortable …

How to write a descriptive essay about myself

What Else Can You Tell About Yourself?

If you want to write an essay describing yourself, you can share your musical preferences (your favorite music). This can include songs you listened to in college, songs you wake up to, and songs you set to your phone’s ringtone. Tell us about your favorite movies: what films you like, what genres you like, and which movies you watch in certain moods.

Discuss your favorite TV shows. Have you forgotten about the existence of such a dinosaur as a TV? Do they show something worthwhile on TV, or is it good only as a decoration for your home? Remember the adage: “Tell me your favorite book, and I will tell you who you are.” Name your favorite books, how much you read, and what you read.

List your favorite games: perhaps you joined progressive humanity playing Dixit, Alias, and other entertaining educational games, or Counter-Strike is still a kind of lifestyle for you.

It is great if you mention some favorite quotes. Eloquence is a gift, so you shouldn’t go from one extreme to another, such as going from “I have nothing to say” to “when I was taken from the maternity ward of the hospital…” Perhaps someone’s witty and capacious statement will characterize you well. You should avoid this one, though: “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.”
You should make a soulful story about yourself that will not look like other essays. The essay should end on a positive, or at least neutral, note.

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