Choose any of These Topics for US History Research Papers

When it is time to go back to college, you may realize that you didn’t prepare your last research paper on history. Don’t worry, because our team prepared a list of US history research paper topics divided into categories.

Many students need to get inspiration to write good research papers. What’s the difference between strong and weak academic texts? If your writing is filled with a bright resolution based on your own point of view, your paper will be interesting for readers. Even dry historical facts can be presented with the author’s perspective, and every description in the paper will be unique. If you don’t know where to find inspiration to write a good paper, search among different periods of US history and choose the most engaging topic for your research.

Topics for US History Research Papers

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US History Research Paper Topics

  1. The Mexican-American War.
  2. Colonization of South America
  3. US nationalistic trend
  4. Gender bias in the USA in the 19th century.
  5. The Catholic Church and witch hunts in colonial America.
  6. The propaganda of Western theories.
  7. American Revolution: force distribution.
  8. Women’s civil rights in the 19th century.
  9. American literacy in the 19th century.
  10. Military innovations between World War I and World War II.

US History Research Paper Topics: Civil War

  1. Describe the personality and biography of Mary Chestnut.
  2. Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.
  3. Facts and controversies about the Civil War.
  4. What lies behind the Alabama claims?
  5. The Homestead Act and how it affected American history.
  6. Cause and effect of American history before 1877: Why is this year so significant?
  7. Monuments of the Confederacy in the United States.
  8. Key figures of the Atlanta campaign.
  9. The Chancellorsville Battle as a major battle in the American Civil War.
  10. The legacy of the Civil War and how it was regulated.

World War II and the Involvement of the USA

  1. The American reaction to the Holocaust.
  2. The role of women in World War II.
  3. Americans in the Arnhem Battle.
  4. The Battle of Attu and its impact on Americans.
  5. Japanese Americans in WWII.
  6. The legacy of Pearl Harbor and the way it was kept.
  7. Civilians’ role in strategic battles.
  8. The economic cause of World War II and the condition of the American economy at the time.

African American History Research Paper Topics

  1. The 14th Amendment.
  2. Legends of black history and cultural figures.
  3. The abolitionist movement.
  4. Angela Davis and her role in American movements for black women.
  5. Black codes and regulations.
  6. The origin of Black History Month.
  7. African American women in literature and art.
  8. The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  9. Dr. Martin Luther King and his role in American history.
  10. Robert Francis Kennedy’s (RFK) speech in 1968 and its effect on the further political situation in America.

History and Formation of the United States

  1. The Declaration of Independence in 1776.
  2. The Townshend Acts analysis.
  3. Slavery in the United States and its impact on the country’s image today.
  4. The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.
  5. The Trenton and Princeton battles.
  6. Causes of the Civil War in the US.
  7. Analysis of the interwar period in the US.
  8. The cultural impact of Native Americans on today’s society in the US.
  9. The personality of Benedict Arnold and his effect on American history.
  10. Charles Cornwallis and his influence on Americans today.
  11. Industrialization effects on American social movements.
  12. The Boston Tea Party and its impact on American-British political relations.
  13. The role of the American South’s religious practices in the perception of religion today.
  14. Battle in Saratoga: the reflection of American and British situations.
  15. Revolutionary personalities of the Civil War.
  16. The Long Island Battle as the largest battle of the American Revolutionary War.
  17. American Revolution battles and key events.
  18. Bunker Hill Battle: the true story.
  19. Alexander Hamilton as most influential statesman of the 18th century in the US.
  20. The Camden Battle and its role in the American Revolutionary War.

US History Research Paper Topics: 20th Century

  1. Organized crime in American society in the 1920s.
  2. Economic causes of the Great Depression.
  3. The Atomic Age: causes and effects.
  4. The history of Veterans Day in the US.
  5. McKinley’s role for American imperialism.
  6. The impact of the Chicano Movement.
  7. Ethics in the Vietnam War.
  8. Uprising democratic movements in the US.
  9. Aftershocks of the Cold War.

US History Research Paper Topics: Modern History

  1. The evolving role of NATO for the world community.
  2. The negative role of globalization.
  3. US involvement in Afghanistan.
  4. Analysis and definition of the Patriot Act.
  5. From ground zero: rebuilding the United States.
  6. The Great Recession in the US.
  7. Reasons for the social inequality among people of the US today.
  8. The Syrian conflict and the involvement of the USA.
  9. Cultural changes in the USA today.

Now you can see that becoming great in writing is not difficult even for a first-year student. The most important thing about a good paper is to choose an interesting topic for yourself. Check our list we created for you and enjoy your educational success!