Example of an Essay About Travelling: How Does Your Interaction With People Change As A Result Of Travel?


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According to literary historian Paul Fussell, travel means exploring things that one finds unique about a place. It’s a personal experience not a predetermined package.

When one is travelling, there are a lot of things they could be unaware of. The need to be open-minded though challenging at times, quickly becomes part of their personality. People start looking inward to draw solutions from or adjust with what their surroundings. One starts testing the limits of their self-created boundaries and experiencing things outside of the comfort zone.

People who are not aware of new experiences will always choose traveling not just for relaxation but also for expanding their worldview. As in Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Sheltering Sky,” a married couple says, “We are not tourists, we are travelers. Tourist is someone who thinks about going home in the moment they arrive whereas the traveler may not come back at all.” When people understand that there is no path back, they implement new behavioral patterns even if they have a return ticket in their pocket.

All these minute changes assimilate and change the way we interact with people, even in everyday situations. We lower our inhibitions and challenge preconceived notions. If we have already formed an opinion about a person, at the outset even before interacting, it strains the conversation. There are times when these generalizations would be broken when we see the person isn’t the way we had framed them in our mind.

This is a cue for us to stop forming random opinions and generalizing, to be more open minded and adapt in social settings. Every person approaches an unfamiliar conversation from their view point or a specific situation they are going through. It makes life much easier when approach a conversation with an open mind.

Even if the journey does not take so long, a person begins thinking in an opposite, new way about the surroundings. All the things he or she used to make in routine life turn the inside out while traveling. Feelings are exaggerated, and people far away from familiar habitats start thinking out of their usual frames.

In a new place our minds become curious about other people and their culture. Not being in familiar territory also makes us attentive to the new sights and sounds. It’s inherent to be inquisitive about everything that is different around us.

Also when one isn’t in familiar territory, it’s difficult to predict the way a conversation would go. It slowly trains our mind to be attentive and also think on our feet.


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Tips on Writing an Essay about Traveling Experience

  1. Brainstorming on a traveling essay topic will save your time in further steps of writing. Try to connect all facts you know concerning a specific theme and decide whether you can reveal important information to your reader or not.
  2. All essays about travel consist of a strict structure, which is called an outline. Consider its parts, an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, before writing your travel essay.
  3. Research the parts of your essay about traveling which lack supportive data the most. Focus on evidence in the body paragraphs to include as much collected information as possible.
  4. Write the first draft of your essay on travel without any limits in your mind. Whether the topic is engaging for you, it would be no less engaging for your audience. Don’t stop your creativity to open the topic from a new viewpoint. And no worries: editing will come next!
  5. Edit your essay about travel thoroughly. Track punctuation attributes, grammar issues, style, and spelling flaws. Work on delivery and the essay’s overarching story. Consider cutting some parts, rearrange them, or expand if there is a lack of information.
  6. Most essays about traveling are inspiring for audience. Try to make a positive closing statement when working on the last paragraph.
  7. Ask your peers for feedback because the author’s eyes may be blind to their own inconsistencies.

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