Exceptional Feminism Essay Topics

In this post, you can find a great feminism topic. Your essay will be much more interesting if you write it on one of these themes. Reading our lists will keep you from the struggle of not knowing what to write about.

Feminism Essay Topics

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Argumentative Essay Topics About Feminism

  1. Is feminism a phenomenon that can be viewed from at least two sides?
  2. Is feminism a political movement?
  3. Was the suffragist movement associated only with a demand for women to have the right to vote in elections?
  4. Why did women at the beginning of the 20th century not have voting rights almost anywhere in the world?
  5. What was the result of the victories of the early feminists?
  6. Is modern feminism an intellectual movement in which its content and argumentation is much more diverse than classical political feminism?
  7. How did the term “feminism” appear at the beginning of the 19th century?
  8. Why was feminism in journalism of the 19th century understood as the totality of qualities inherent in a woman?
  9. Did feminism describe specific male features, such as masculinity?
  10. How did feminism appear in the context of the suffrage movement?
  11. How did the meaning of feminism change by the beginning of the 20th century?
  12. Do all people understand feminists as women who fight for their rights?
  13. Is the feminists’ struggle always reduced to the requirements of formal political equality?
  14. Have ideas close to feminism been circulating in Western culture since Antiquity?
  15. Why did Plato say that there were no obstacles to a woman being a ruler?
  16. How could women have the same rights as men in Antiquity?
  17. Can elements of feminism be found both in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance?
  18. Who was the first feminist?
  19. How was the role of women affected by motherhood and domestic work in the 19th century?
  20. What was the main slogan of Mary Wollstonecraft related to women’s rights?
  21. What makes us as male or female according to feminism?

Persuasive Feminism Essay Topics

  1. What contribution did Mary Estelle make to the movement of feminism?
  2. Who influenced Mary Wollstonecraft’s statements related to feminism?
  3. Do Mary Wollstonecraft’s and Mary Estelle’s texts offer a versatile and somewhat unexpected argument towards feminism?
  4. What did Mary Estelle offer as a possible alternative to marriage and the transfer of a woman “into the property of a man”?
  5. What man was among the first feminists?
  6. Are most men still strongly opposed to feminism?
  7. Are men against feminism because they don’t understand what women want?
  8. Why did some men believe that the requirement to protect women’s rights is just as ridiculous as the requirement to protect the rights of pets?
  9. Why did some men believe that only very ugly women who could not count on finding a decent husband became feminists?
  10. Is the first wave of feminism the easiest to identify?
  11. Is feminism only a woman’s struggle for political equality and for the opportunity to elect and be elected in elections?
  12. How did feminists appeal to liberal slogans such as people having equal rights regardless of gender?
  13. Were suffragettes a powerful public policy movement in the UK and the USA?
  14. How did the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, adopted in 1920 in the United States, change women’s lives?
  15. Why did it seem to many that feminism ended after the adoption of the 19th amendment?
  16. Why was the second wave of feminism, which occurred in the 1960s, a much more complex phenomenon than the first one?
  17. Does oppression of women come down only to a ban on participating in political life?
  18. How do feminists fight against oppression in the family and in the workplace?
  19. What was the key text of the second wave of feminism?
  20. What social problems does feminism raise?

Discussion Feminism Essay Topics

  1. Discuss why the second wave did not achieve its goals in full.
  2. Discuss how women entering the labor market leads to a sharp increase in the wealth of society and to a completely new idea of real gender policy.
  3. Discuss how the third wave of feminism is an attempt to apply relevant philosophical ideas to gender studies.
  4. Discuss the concept of identity with relation to feminism.
  5. Discuss the theoretical unity of the ideas of feminism.
  6. Discuss the key theme for feminists of the third wave.
  7. Discuss how feminism understands gender roles.
  8. Discuss the relation of queer theory to feminism.
  9. Discuss the influence of the riot grrrl movement.
  10. Discuss the usage of wearing makeup and high heels as classic symbols of oppression by men.
  11. Discuss in what ways third-wave feminism seeks freedom.
  12. Discuss features of liberal feminism.
  13. Discuss how we can resolve the issue of gender inequality.
  14. Discuss why large political parties of the United States are focused on liberal feminism.
  15. Discuss how western political correctness towards women is primarily a product of liberalism.
  16. Discuss features of Marxist feminism.
  17. Discuss why oppression of women is a special case of capitalist and class oppression.
  18. Discuss how women are forced to work for men.
  19. Discuss the central theme of Marxist feminism.
  20. Discuss why the basis of the global economy is the work of housewives.
  21. Discuss features of radical feminism.
  22. Discuss the term “patriarchy” in terms of feminism.
  23. Discuss the main problem of society according to radical feminism.
  24. Discuss the main strengths and weaknesses of radical feminism.

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