Get the Highest Grade With Our Argumentative Essay Rubric

According to your academic level and your teacher’s preferences, argumentative essay rubrics can vary. In this article, you’ll find an argumentative essay rubric that could satisfy almost any teacher. If for some reason you don’t have rubrics for writing argumentative essays from your educational institution, you can easily use our rubric. Our article is divided into four main sections. Each of them will tell you what to do or not to do if you would like to get the specific scores.

Argumentative Essay Rubric Level 4

We are optimistic and we believe in you. So, we’ll give you at the first rubric that you should follow to reach the fourth (the highest) level. You will reach the fourth level only if you exceed expectations. Here is the table with the criteria that you need to follow to reach the specified level:

  • Well-organized structure: text is divided into appropriate amount of sections and paragraphs
  • There are transitions between paragraphs
  • Sections are placed in a logical order
  • Each section reveals different points
  • Thesis is easily defined
  • It is clear
  • It is expressed with one or two sentences
  • Thesis is arguable
Quality of the Information
  • Text consists only of accurate and up-to-date data
  • Each claim is supported by strong evidence
  • Strong refutation of opposite stance and its supportive claims
  • Logical flow of evidences
  • Different types of evidence: experts’ views, quotes, statistical data, etc.
Grammar & Language
  • There are no grammatical mistakes or no more than one per page
  • Essay is full of specific terms that concern the topic which is used properly
  • There are no clichés
  • Vocabulary is varied
  • Text contains idiomatic phrases, complex words, and phrasal verbs
  • Style of approach is absolutely suitable for the audience
The Beginning and the Ending
  • There are well-defined introduction and conclusion paragraphs
  • Conclusion paragraph doesn’t contain new facts for the reader: it should contain the summary of the whole essay.
  • It also should contain new ideas from the author about the importance of the topic and the main issues that were displayed in the essay.
  • Introduction paragraph captures the audience’s attention right away, and it should also help the reader to immerse him/herself in the topic

Essay Rubric Level 3

The next level is easier to reach. Along with this, it is also a good level so that you shouldn’t fret about your GPA. To reach the third level you should meet all the academic standards no more, no less. However, your text might have little drawbacks. Here is our argumentative essay rubric for the third level:

  • Mostly well-organized structure: there are sections and paragraphs, some of which might be too long or too short
  • Generally, there are transitions between paragraphs, although some paragraphs might be not connected with transitions
  • All the information is approached in a logical order
  • Some pieces of information can repeat occasionally in different sections
  • Is easy to define
  • Clear
  • Expressed with one or two sentences
  • Is arguable
Quality of the Information
  • The essay can consist of a bit of redundant information
  • All the information is taken from reliable sources (there can be only few exceptions)
  • Almost all the claims are supported with strong arguments (some arguments can be weak)
  • There is variety of evidence
  • Opposite stance is refuted by mostly strong evidence
Grammar & Language
  • There are no more than 1-3 mistakes per page
  • The text can contain some clichés
  • There are a lot of specific terms which are mostly used properly
  • There are mostly simple sentences
  • Idiomatic phrases, complex words, and phrasal verbs are used often
  • The essay is understandable for the audience
The Beginning and the Ending
  • Introduction and conclusion paragraphs are well-defined
  • Conclusion paragraph mostly consist of the summary of the presented essay — however, it also contains some new ideas (not facts — rather the author’s opinion)
  • Introduction paragraph shows the importance of the issue that is discussed

Rubrics for Writing Argumentative Essays Level 2

The second level is not a good level. You should always try to get a higher level. The criteria for the second level we place with the aim to prevent you from making such mistakes. Look through this list and do your best to make your essay better.

  • There is no consistent structure of the text, and some paragraphs seem to be separate parts of different texts.
  • Some paragraphs contain the same ideas
  • The amount of paragraphs and sections is inappropriate (too many or too little)
  • Thesis is difficult to define
  • Thesis consist several ideas
  • It is expressed in more than two sentences
  • It is difficult to understand the stance
Quality of the Information
  • There are pieces of information from unreliable sources
  • There is redundant evidence that expresses the author’s opinion rather than experts’ views or actual data
  • At least half of the claims have supportive arguments
  • There are attempts to rebut the opposite stance
Grammar & Language
  • The essay contains many grammar mistake (3+ per page)
  • Poor usage of specific vocabulary for the topic
  • There are clichés in the text
  • Idiomatic phrases, complex words, and phrasal verbs are used occasionally
  • Mostly simple language
  • The text is too simple or too difficult for the audience
The Beginning and the Ending
  • Opening sentence is cliché and doesn’t grasp proper attention of the reader
  • First paragraph consists mostly of general statements that concern the topic
  • Conclusion consist only of the summary of the essay (there are no new ideas about the importance of the topic)
  • There are some new facts in the conclusion

We won’t even give you the rubrics for writing an argumentative essay for the first level because you should try to reach higher levels. So, use our rubrics to meet your academic goals.

We’ve tried to make our post maximally useful and informative. Find out how to create your own awesome argumentative essay graphic organizer to gain more practical skills.

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