How an Article Review Sample Should Be Written

If you don’t know how to complete an article review sample you are at the right place. Read our article and you will definitely cope with your task. We have prepared amazing tips and recommendations on how to write an article review sample. Get acquainted with them and complete you article review quickly and easily.

how to do article review sample

What Is an Article Review Samples?

If you were assigned with an article review, your teacher probably told you what it is and how to write it. However, we know that some students often do not listen to the instructor attentively. As a result, they look for the information about the specified type of paper when the deadline is near at hand. Or, some students just can be absent from the class. So, this paragraph is written for such students.

An article review is a type of paper that contains a summary and an evaluation of the specific article. Typically, the article that you need to analyze is written by an expert in the defined field. Globally speaking, you need to find strengths and weaknesses of the article.

What Is Your Personal Profit of Doing an Article Review?

This task can be quite boring for you; therefore, we would like to encourage you a little. First, let us explain to you why teachers assign you with such tasks. They want you to develop your researching skills. Also, they prepare students for adult life where you will need to think fast and create solutions to the problems immediately.

Writing a sample article review is difficult because you need to make proper research within tight timeframes. However, you will probably not have enough time for this. Such stressful situations force you to be inventive. So, don’t blame the universe that you have to complete boring article reviews. It’s better to be thankful for the possibility to develop your creativity and mother wit.

How to Do an Article Review Sample Quickly?

sample article review

We prepared some useful tips that will help you to use your time effectively:

1. Reduce stress

Stress is the most dangerous factor that can bother you when completing your article review before the deadline. Perhaps, you have your own methods that help you to reduce stress. Now, we are going to tell you ours.

1) Breathe. Now, breathing practices are very popular and they really help. If you feel that you start panicking, just try to take a deep breath. Then, you should hold your breath for at least four seconds and exhale for eight seconds.

2) Do a physical activity. Sports dramatically reduce stress levels. Do squats for a couple of minutes and you’ll definitely feel better, of course, if your physician didn’t restrict you from partaking in sports.

3) Drink a cup of tea. Hot caffeine-free drinks calm your nervous system down. Drink a cup of herbal tea and you’ll become more peaceful.
Note: we do not recommend that you take any medicine with the aim to calm down without your physician’s permission.

2. Exclude distracting factors

You won’t work effectively if you are distracted from writing an article review sample all the time. Turn off your cell-phone, find the place where you can be in absolute quietness, don’t even try to log in to social networks. Make a plan for yourself and follow it. You can also use a timer to be more organized.

3. Receive help when you are in a deadlock

If you are in a deadlock, you should get help from someone. It can be your teacher, an A-level student, or a professional tutor. Maybe you just need to be inspired by someone. We recommend that you definitely receive assistance if you can’t move further for a couple of hours.

Note: if you are in a deadlock at night or on the weekend, you shouldn’t bother your teacher. You should apply for help to online services on the web.

What Should You Add to Your Article Review Sample?

article review sample

Your sample article review should contain the following information:

  • Summary. You need to summarize the article so that people who haven’t read the article itself will be able to understand the main gist.
  • Analyses of data. You should find out whether the information is accurate and up-to-date. Use only reliable sources to find out the truth. For example, you can use official statistics that were published by the government.Note: pay proper attention to the way you cite the author. Find out about the style requirements.
  • Analysis of author’s style. You should decide whether the author was consistent all the time. Also, you should pay attention to the structure of the article. Is the article well-organized or not? Can you define bullet points? Are there strong supportive arguments?
  • Analysis of the significance. What is the importance of this article for the scholarly field? Does it represent new facts, evidence or anything of this nature, or does it just summarize old data?

Note: remember that you should be objective. It’s not a movie or a book review. You shouldn’t tell about your feelings and impressions.

Where to Get Help?

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