How to Make a Good Presentation in PowerPoint

Currently, the rapid development of computer technology has covered virtually all areas of human life. Today it is not enough just to tell about your idea for a successful performance. Listeners certainly want to see accompanying photos, clearly executed diagrams, competent drawings, watch a video clip that will turn a 2D drawing into a 3D object, and so on. Therefore, nowadays it is already difficult to present a demonstration of something without effective presentation skills.

How to Make a Good Presentation in PowerPoint

It is known that a person is able to absorb about 10-70% of the material heard, 20-72% of what he or she saw, and 65-85% of what he or she saw and heard at the same time. Presentations have become indispensable in various spheres of people’s activities: design, marketing, pedagogy, coaching, economics, engineering. That’s is why it is important to know how to make a good presentation no matter what is your sphere of study.

The use of the presentation is, to some extent, the key to success, as all the participants in the creation process open new paths in the development of thinking, creative abilities, and provide new opportunities for learning and creative growth. The Microsoft Office PowerPoint program included in the pack of Microsoft Office is an easy-to-learn and very powerful tool for creating attractive presentations that meet any requirements.

With the help of a PowerPoint presentation, everyone can organize an effective accompaniment of their speech if desired. And since everyone has to perform, then, definitely, it makes sense to spend a little time to master this program. The forms of the PowerPoint presentation can be very diverse: presentation, report, demonstration of a movie or photographs, an exhibition or even a theatrical performance.

The presentation can be simple, schematic, it can contain graphics and diagrams, lots of illustrations, and special effects. It all depends on how well the fantasy and skill of its creator are developed.

How to Make a Good Presentation in PowerPoint

Step 1. Think it over!

You must not forget that the presentation is the accompaniment of a report or speech, and in no case is its replacement. Therefore, it is first necessary to develop the concept of the presentation, and then to undertake the preparation of the presentation. To do this, try to answer yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the presentation used?
  • What are the characteristics of listeners?
  • What is the duration of the presentation and the planned content?

Step 2. Let’s begin!

Creating presentations in PowerPoint begins with the traditional launch of the program. Then, using the “Create Slide” function, located in the upper right corner of the navigation bar, you select the slide layout. The selected layout can be applied not only for the entire presentation, but also for each slide individually.

Helpful advice:
Do not place several blocks of visual or text information on one slide at a time. It distracts, dispels attention, and worsens concentration.

Step 3. Use the template!

For new presentations, PowerPoint uses the presentation template by default. To create a new presentation based on the PowerPoint template, you must click the Office button and select the “Create” command in the opened menu. In the window that appears, in the Templates group, select the “Empty and Last” command and double-click the New Presentation button.

Templates for PowerPoint can be selected using the “Installed templates” command, where you will find templates “Classic Photo Album”, “Modern Photo Album”, “Advertising Booklet”, “Quiz”, and “Widescreen Presentation”.

effective presentation skills

Step 4. Know the features!

To give the PowerPoint presentation the desired appearance, under the “Design” tab, go to the “Themes” group and click on the desired theme of the document. To change the look of the slides, on the Slides tab, select the slides you want, right-click the theme that you want to apply to those slides, and select Apply to Selected Slides from the shortcut menu.

Themes for PowerPoint, collected in the program, are universal for all kinds of presentations. And with the help of the buttons “Colors”, “Effects” and “Background Styles” you can achieve a change in the color of the selected theme. Themes for the presentation of Microsoft PowerPoint can be created independently, using your own pictures and photos.

Helpful advice:

  • The text should contrast with the background, otherwise the slide will be poorly read.
  • Do not make the slides too mottled and disjointed by the color scheme. This harms the formation of unstable visual images.
  • The use of three to four colors on the slides favorably affects the concentration of attention and improves perception.

Step 5. And what about the font?

A presentation with Microsoft Office PowerPoint allows you to select and change the type, size and color of the font. Working with the text of the presentation is based on the same principles as working in Microsoft Office Word.

To write the text, you must place the cursor in the “Slide title” or “Slide text” field, then in the “Home” tab go to the “Font” group, where you select the font, its size and color.

Helpful advice:

  • When developing a presentation, it is important to take into account that the material on the slide can be divided into main and additional. The main one must be selected so that when demonstrating the slide, it carries the main meaning: the size of the text or object, the color, special effects, and the order of appearance on the screen. Additional material is intended to emphasize the main idea of the slide.
  • Pay special attention to the readability of the slide. For different kinds of objects, different font sizes are recommended. The slide heading is best written in font sizes 22-28, the subtitle and the data labels in the diagrams are between 20-24, the text, the captions and the headings of the axes in the diagrams, the information in the tables is between18-22.
  • To highlight the title and keywords, use a bold or underlined font. For the preparation of secondary information and comments, use italics.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the audience’s perception of the material, remember the “principle of six”: six words in the line, six lines in the slide.

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