How to Write a Dissertation Without Hesitation

“How to write a dissertation” is a question that doesn’t attract a lot of students. Why? Not all of them are going to get a doctor’s degree. So, this article is dedicated to special students that decided to be PhD accredited or are inclined towards this decision. In this article, we’ll display positive and negative factors to write a dissertation and we’ll provide you with incredible tips.

How to Write a Dissertation Without Hesitation

To Write or Not to Write?

When it comes to dissertation writing everyone has a lot of doubts. This work demands a lot of time and effort and no one wants to waste his or her time without reaching success at the end. Therefore, you should think thoroughly whether you really need to involve yourself in this process. We’ve completed two lists that will help you to make your final decision. The first one consists of advantages for completing a dissertation. The second list contains the factors that can bother you when coping with this work.

You should start working on a dissertation if:

  • You need to increase your academic degree to get a promotion. Some job positions demand a certain academic degree. If you would like to be promoted you should find out which academic degree you should be accredited. Getting a promotion is quite a strong inducement for dissertation writing.
  • You have original ideas on the specific issue in the field. If you devise genius solutions to problems that exist in the specific sphere, the first thing you need to do is to find out whether your ideas are really innovative. If it is so, you should immediately develop your ideas in your paper.
  • You have the ability to conduct proper research. When you realize that you have good access to sources that you need to complete a paper to get a PhD degree on the desired topic, you shouldn’t lose your chance. For example, if you need to conduct psychological experiments but you couldn’t find enough quantity of people and unexpectedly you start working/studying or somehow connect with people that can take part in your experiments, be quick to start working on your dissertation.

Do not hurry up with dissertation writing if:

  • You can’t find a particular issue that really fascinates you. If you are not genuinely interested in any topic, you won’t make proper research on it. When you work in the specific field for a long time, sooner or late you will find the most engaging issue for you. Until this happens, we won’t recommend you to complete such serious papers as dissertations. This work can immensely influence your career positively or negatively depending on its quality. Therefore, do not start writing a dissertation until you are certain that the topic is interesting for you.
  • You are swamped with other things to do. If you have a lot of affairs, such as the birth of a baby or buying a house or anything of this nature besides studying, you won’t have enough time to complete top-notch work. Wait until everything blows over, so that you can contribute something really worthy to the sphere.
  • You don’t have the access to necessary information. Some kinds of research can demand specific information that is difficult to find. If you are not sure that you will manage to receive the necessary information, don’t waste your time and stop your research for now.
  • You don’t have strong motivation to complete a dissertation. If you don’t have a defined motivation, like getting a promotion or winning a grant or anything similar, you should wait until you have such motivation. Why? You can’t be sure that you will come to the end and that you won’t give up your research because of things that will be more essential at the moment. So, make sure that you are motivated enough before writing.
  • The field is developing extremely fast. A dissertation is a time-consuming work. The time you might need to complete it can vary from several months to a couple of years. If you notice that at the moment there are a lot of discoveries in the sphere, pull back the reins. If you would like to become an innovator, start working on this kind of paper when there is a period of stagnation in the field.

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How to Write a Dissertation: Helpful Tips

  1. Do not quit your job. We know that it’s wearying to work and write such a vast paper simultaneously—however, you can draw ideas from you work. Also, when you quit you take a risk of falling behind your colleagues. We recommend that you ask your employer to organize an individual working schedule for you so that you can have enough time for your research.
  2. Keep your ideas in secret. Unfortunately, intellectual property stealing is not rare nowadays. Therefore, you should protect it properly. Don’t tell superfluous information about your ideas to anyone.
  3. Do not bury yourself in the work. When you are working on the specific issue you can miss actual developments in the field that can change your work immensely. Therefore, you should always be knowledgeable of the innovations in the sphere that you study.
  4. Take breaks. You shouldn’t work on your paper 24/7. Otherwise, you can lose interest quite quickly. Better take breaks for several days to restore the energy.

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