How to Write a Research Paper Without Writing it

The life of every student is overwhelmed with substantial amount of tasks. Writing academic papers requires a lot of patience. The thing is, it is difficult to find an idea for your research paper until you sit and write the first draft. Part of the process requires determining strong ideas and selecting the best one.

How to Write a Research Paper: Get Started

It is important to find weak ideas and put them away in order to leave room for the best concept. In the research paper, leave about two-thirds of your paper for the description. However, remember that it is an academic paper, not a story or a novel. A reader of your paper will not have a desire to hunt for the meaning of the main idea of your paper. That is why: you need a thesis statement that contains the main idea of your paper situated in the first paragraph.

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After you develop your thesis statement, start writing your first draft. Every research paper should consist of three sections: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the introductory paragraph, show the main goal of your paper; include a thesis statement to engage the reader in your topic. Then proceed to body paragraphs. This is the longest section of the entire paper. In this part, list the main arguments that support your thesis. Each paragraph should contain at least one argument. Restate your introductory paragraph in the conclusion. Also, gather your main points.

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