Guidelines for Writing a Term Paper

Writing a term paper is one of the most common tasks for any college course. Term papers usually play a significant role in your final grade. The following information will help you a lot in your research and writing.


Getting Started

There are two things you should keep in mind before you start to research and write:

  1. Follow instructions. The teacher will tell you what to expect. Sometimes students prepare papers that don’t meet the given task. If you have some doubts, it is always better to ask one more time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions you may think are “dumb.” Your task is to meet the requirements, so discuss problems with your teacher.
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute. You should make a schedule and follow it in order to have enough time to complete everything and check it carefully. Writing term paper requires careful planning, research, critical thinking, and writing (get to know more about developing critical thinking skills).

Doing the Research

Research is essential for your paper. The library is a wonderful place to find good material. When you’re doing research, it is important to be creative. First of all, read general material on your main topic. This way you’ll get a broad grasp of your topic and will help you to find out what is essential. Always search for the most recent books. They may have a bibliography of the earliest works on the subject. This can greatly save you time.

Writing a Term Paper

  1. Watch your sentence structure. Students usually write long, complex sentences. However, you should remember that simple sentences are the best. They are powerful.
  2. Use standard English. Colloquial English usually doesn’t make a good impression unless you are writing fiction.
  3. Get to the point.
  4. Avoid cliches.
  5. Be careful with verb tense.
  6. Avoid the use of contractions.
  7. Be careful with abbreviations.
  8. Anytime you quote or paraphrase the work of others, cite the source.

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