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What Was Dostoevsky’s Great Message to the World in His Novels?

Dostoevsky is a famous writer, thinker, and philosopher who is known throughout the world. He lived in the Russian Empire in the troubled historical context. Nonetheless, he devoted his life to literature as a means of examining a human being’s soul. To my mind, the central message of his novels is that human nature is crucial, and unity among people is an essential part for every individual.

Dostoevsky put his philosophy and vision of the world in his oeuvres. To begin with his life circumstances, it is worth noticing that Dostoevsky’s destiny was turbulent and dramatic (Kalder). The oppressive atmosphere of Russia and the fact that he was sentenced to hard labor himself are reflected in his novels, according to Drey. Secondly, Kalder remarks that he had known both moments of “glory and terrible downfall,” as the world recognized his creations after his death. Despite his turbulent life, Dostoyevsky proves by his literature that spiritual and moral unity is the most important, and it cannot be recreated in an artificial way (Dostoevsky 68). His main characters (for example, Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment) are the writer’s way to examine a soul of a human being. Raskolnikov commits murder but, oppressed by inner struggle, he can not move forward with his sense of guilt. What is more, he loses his connection with the world because of it. In this way, the author proves that human nature is undeniable.

The literature of Dostoyevsky makes one ponder on the nature of a human being and the world as a unity of people. The writer devoted the main part of his life to find out what is human nature. Although few of his compatriots shared his opinion, Dostoyevsky’s thoughts continue to inspire people two centuries later.

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