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How Did Slack Create Such Explosive Growth in Their 1st Year?

Slack is a team messaging application founded by Stewart Butterfield and officially launched in February 2014. Although young, this app became very popular among companies and freelance working teams and demonstrated explosive growth in its first year. The reasons of this success are the following: it is user-friendly; it can integrate numerous third-party applications; and it can be synchronized on many devices.

The first advantage of Slack is its user-friendliness. Slack has simple design with pleasant colors and offers diverse visual themes. Also, according to the software designer Theo Miller, Slack “has responsive design”, as it reacts on every user’s action (Miller, Responsive Design section). In addition, as Slack is a messaging application, it facilitates team communication by providing the possibility to create separate chat rooms (channels) for different topics, yet all communication happens in one window. So, any user can gain an understanding of how to work in Slack easily.

Secondly, Slack can be integrated with numerous third-party applications, tools, and services like Google Drive, GitHub, Trello, Twitter, Dropbox etc. The complete list of available applications can be found on the official website in conveniently categorized sections. In addition, Slack allows to perform search of needed information not only in chats, but also in documents, which were uploaded to the integrated applications.

Furthermore, Slack is compatible and can be synchronized on numerous devices. This feature is important, as it contributes to the work effectiveness of freelance teams. As the blogger Adam Warner asserts, Slack mobile application allows home-based employees to keep up with work communication and be in the loop of the tasks they need to follow up (Warner, Accessible Anywhere section). So, wherever an employee is staying, he or she will have access to Slack on any available device.

Therefore, Slack has become a successful startup with rapidly growing number of users owing to its friendly design, compatibility with other applications, and cross-device communication. As the columnist John Titlow assumed, Slack is a “convenient place to work and communicate and beefs up the app’s functionality” (Titlow, para. 6).


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