Simple Steps to Complete a Great Cause and Effect Paper


When you need to complete a cause and effect paper, you can feel yourself as an unfledged detective who is conducting the first investigation. Your task is to understand what chain of events lead to a specific problem or phenomenon and what the consequences will be. Writing this type of paper can be exciting or boring – it’s a matter of taste. We would like to help you to find this activity more engaging. Follow our tips and in a couple of hours you will complete a great essay!

Causes, Effects, or Both?
If you are to create a cause and effect paper, this doesn’t mean that you should write an essay in which you will discuss both causes and effects. Sometimes, cause and effect writing includes only one of these things. Before you start writing, ask your teacher what exactly you need to explore. As a rule, teachers recommend to spotlight only causes or only effects if it is a one-day task. However, if you need to complete this type of paper as a term paper, you will probably be asked to examine both causes and effects of the phenomenon.

Steps of Writing
In this section, you will find steps and tips on how to create an outstanding essay. Follow all of our recommendations accurately for a better result.

Step 1: Choosing a phenomenon.
At the first state, you need to select the phenomenon or event which you are going to investigate. In other words, you need to think over the topic. A cause and effect paper can be assigned in many disciplines, including geography, biology, physics, and history. Obviously, you need to select the direction that is related to the discipline. Also, you should find something that is interesting for you and something that you can explore more thoroughly. Thus exploring the causes of revolution in China will be more difficult for you if you live in the USA.

Step 2: Creating a strategy.
Your thoughts can be approached in different ways. Let’s suppose that you need to work on both causes and effects. In this case, you can present all the causes, then all the effects. Or, you can present one cause, then one effect, and again one cause and the effect. Choose the strategy that you think is more suitable for your paper. You should complete a general plan for your essay.

1. Introduction.
2. Body.
The Main Cause of Poverty in India.
The Main Effect of Poverty in India.
The Cause of Poverty in India 1.
The Effect of Poverty in India 1.
The Cause of Poverty in India 2.
The Effect of Poverty in India 2.
3. Conclusion.

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Step 3: The first stage of research.
At this staging point, you should look for the general information related to the topic. The aim of this step is to find problems and questions which you need to investigate more properly and to formulate a thesis statement. It is unlikely that you include information that you find at this step in your cause and effect paper. This research will help you to complete a more specific outline. While researching, make notes. Those notes will be the points of your outline.

1. Introduction
Thesis statement: The main cause of poverty is religion. The most significant effect of poverty is the military conflict.
2. Body
The Main Cause of Poverty in India: religion.
The Main Effect of Poverty in India: the military conflict.
The Cause of Poverty in India 1: poor budgeting of social projects.
The Effect of Poverty in India 1: the high possibility of revolts.
The Cause of Poverty in India 2: long period of existence as a colony.
The Effect of Poverty in India 2: unstable position during the military conflicts.
3. Conclusion

Step 4: The second stage of research.
Is the outline completed? If yes, you can move to the second stage of research. Now your aim is to find information for each point of your essay. Don’t start writing at once. You should make bookmarks and notes so that you won’t forget where you found a certain piece of information. If you are working with articles and books, you should use a pencil to underline necessary data. To save time, you should make a note on which part of the essay this information is related to – for example, “Cl2” (claim 2), “I” (introduction).

Step 4: Writing.
After coping with the research part, you can move to cause and effect writing. The most efficient way to cope with your essay quickly is to work on it step-by-step. We recommend that you write following the algorithm below.
1. Write the thesis.
2. Complete the paragraph (or section) in which you discuss the first claim.
3. Reread and edit the paragraph with the first claim.
4. Repeat the previous two steps for the second and the third claims.
5. Complete the introduction.
6. Edit the introduction.
7. Complete the conclusion.
8. Edit the conclusion.

Step 5: Check your paper for mistakes.
Would you like to receive high scores for your work? If yes, then this step is a must for you. Make sure that the flow of your speech is logical and consistent. Also, you need to check if the paper is well-structured and all data is accurate. In the end, examine the paper for mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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