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The pet is a part of the family, and it is a great challenge to take responsibility for the little life. Many people like to get rodents, some prefer lizards and even spiders, but most people bring dogs home.

Informative Essay About Dogs

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A dog can cure their owners of apathy, anxiety, and bring a lot of joy in their life. There is no doubt that dogs and their owners can even start looking like each other. You can read about it in any scholarly research such as the next pet animal dog essay. There is nothing miraculous here, because when we spend a lot of time with a beloved one, we became a bit similar. More and more people like to adopt a dog from an animal shelter. This step shows the kindness of the owner and the responsibility of having a pet. Meanwhile, people often bring expensive purebred dogs to shelters or even throw them out.

Students often want to raise this problem to scholarly research; as such, you can read informative essays about dogs here. In this essay, the author wants to show the advantages of dog adoption over buying a new one.

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Why Should People Adopt Dogs and Not Buy?

Bringing a dog into your family can be a very exciting event. Planning out the food, toys, and treats to buy with your new companion brings more anticipation for bringing home your new pet. Where do you find your new friend, though? Should you purchase a puppy from the pet store in the mall, or should you find an animal shelter to adopt from regardless of the animal’s age? While the puppies in the windows of the mall shop have cuteness appeal, adopting a dog from a shelter is actually the better option. By adopting a dog from a shelter, you are not supporting puppy mill businesses, and you are possibly giving an older dog a second chance.

A puppy mill is an organization for the mass breeding of puppies to be sold in stores. These organizations are unhealthy for puppies and their mothers. According to American Humane, these operations are unregulated so there is no guarantee the mothers and their puppies are having their basic needs being met (“Puppy Mills and Mass Breeding,” 2016). Along with their basic needs, these dogs are not being socialized or getting veterinary care. When adopting a dog from a humane society, you are preventing puppy mills from profiting. By not giving any profits to puppy mill companies, such as the stores in shopping malls, the mills are not getting anymore money to put towards staying open. Also, when you adopt a dog from an animal shelter, you can be assured your new pet has had its medical needs met, which can mean they are spayed or neutered and up to date on their shots (“Top Reasons to Adopt a Pet”).

Another reason adopting from a shelter is better than buying from a store that supports puppy mills is that you may be giving an older dog a second chance. It is easy to understand how puppy stores are so profitable. People want to adopt a puppy because it is an adorable new life. When adopting from a shelter, though, puppies are not always an option. Instead, many of the dogs available are already adults. These dogs have been placed in shelters for various reasons, whether their previous family could not afford to care for them anymore or they were simply found roaming the streets. Shelters are frequently overwhelmed with the amount of animals they bring in, which means many of the animals coming in could be euthanized if they are left unadopted. The Humane Society has noted that by adopting an animal from their shelters, you are preventing that animal from being euthanized, and you are also freeing up space for another animal to be brought in (“Top Reasons to Adopt a Pet”).

Puppy stores are largely popular because they are in populated areas such as malls and provide adorable puppies, provoking people to buy them. Adopting from animal shelters is a better option, though, because it prevents stores supported by puppy mills from profiting on their unethical practice, and it gives an older dog a second chance for a happy home. If people stop shopping at puppy stores completely and switch to solely adopting from shelters, puppy mills will have no choice but to stop breeding and shut down. This will also be beneficial for shelters: with more people adopting dogs, the shelters will have more space for incoming animals and less animals will have to be euthanized.


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