The Easy Way to Create an Expository Essay Outline

expository essay outline

Do you need to complete an expository essay as soon as possible? From this article, you will find out how to cope with your task in an hour. You will learn how to create an expository essay outline, and this will help you to complete your paper very soon! Be quick to get acquainted with our tips.

What Is So Special About an Expository Essay?
Many students think that expository essays are easier to write than any other type of essay, and it’s partly true. When your teachers assign this type of paper to their students, they don’t usually expect students to conduct deep research on the topic. They usually expect students to express their opinions on the topic and illustrate it with certain examples from their own experience. Or, they will just present facts that are already well known. Anyway, you don’t need to conduct much research when completing this essay.
Expository essays are often assigned to be completed in class. For this reason, you will need to rely only on your memory and the ability to analyze. It will be easier for you to create your essay if you master completing outlines. Below you will find useful guidelines on how to complete an expository outline.

How to Complete an Expository Essay Outline
This short guide is oriented to students who need to complete a five-paragraph essay. If you are to write an extended paper, you should find other articles on our blog which concern this topic. So, find out how to make an outline right away!

Step 1: Make a list of facts.
To complete a good plan you should remember as many facts on the topic as you can. They don’t need to be directly related to the theme. Just try to make associations. Let’s suppose that you need to complete an essay on the topic: “Is practicing yoga an effective way to lose weight?” You could write down something like this in this case:

  • Yoga has been popular for many centuries.
  • This kind of sport is not as physically wearing for people as running or boxing.
  • Yoga boosts metabolism due to the special breathing system.

There should be 10-15 random facts that you can remember on the topic. These facts can be from your own experience or information that you heard or read somewhere.

Step 2: Think over the main idea.
We would like to remind you that when you write an expository essay, it’s not obligatory to prove a specific idea. Along with this, each essay should contain a thesis statement. You don’t need to prove your stance but you should explain it. You can’t finish an expository outline before creating a thesis statement. Therefore, in this step you should work on it. Here is an example of a statement for a topic that was presented in the previous step:
“A person who practices yoga regularly can lose weight provided that the person keeps a specific diet.”

Step 3: Create the main points.
Now, it’s time to find specific points that you are going to discuss in your paper. In this step, you don’t need to make a detailed plan. Your task now is to choose general directions that you are going to discuss. Our example:

I. Introduction.
II. Yoga as an effective tool to lose weight.
1) Sports and diet.
2) Yoga in comparison with active sports.
3) Examples.
III. Conclusion.

If you do everything right, this step will take you about 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Complete a detailed outline.
Now, when you have a basic structure, you should move to specifics. Your task on this stage is to find subpoints to your main points. That way, you’ll complete a detailed expository essay outline. If you are lacking time, you can stay at the previous step. However, by making a detailed outline you also save time. Why? When you know what the next point is, you see the whole picture and it’s easier for you to write. The example:

I. Introduction.
1) Information on tendencies of today’s attitudes to sports.
2) A thesis statement about yoga.
II. Yoga as an effective tool to lose weight.
1) Sports and diet.
a) What is more effective for losing weight: sports or diet?
b) What is more useful for health: sports or diet?
2) Yoga in comparison with active sports.
a) Yoga in comparison with running.
b) Yoga in comparison with swimming.
3) Examples.
a) An example from personal experience.
b) An example from someone’s experience.
III. Conclusion.
1) Restatement of the thesis statement.
2) Which kinds of research should be conducted to get more accurate factual data on this topic?

After completing the detailed expository essay outline, you can move straight to writing. Now, it will take you less time to finish your paper.

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