Write an Essay on Nature in the Fastest Possible Time


The question of how to write an essay on nature arises in many students’ heads nowadays. Here we will try to understand how to solve the problem of the student with this type of essay as quickly as possible. In fact, there is nothing easier than to describe what is outside the window. But if to believe the statistics of queries in internet search engines, it becomes clear that the description of nature for teenagers is something like a disaster! Let’s try to overcome it together.

So, your teacher asked you to write an essay about nature. Let’s say an essay about spring was assigned. Where to begin? Where to write from? What to write about? How to write it? Dear students, we understand your questions and tasks and have prepared for you a small cheat sheet! Write a couple of essays using it and you will be able to write further papers without problems. You don’t need to copy others’ works. Your essays will be unique! Shall we start?

Write an essay preferably on a plan which you think through in advance. An example of a plan is given below. You can correct it as you like. The plan of the essay is as follows:

  • Introduction. You mention your favorite time of the year. You mention the current one.
  • Here you have to prove by what criteria you decided that outside is autumn, winter, spring, or summer. You can describe the signs of the current time of the year in sub-items: air temperature, daylight duration, precipitation, what melts or, oppositely, what turns into a snowy plain, what freezes or, melting away, hastens to merge into the river, etc.
  • What happens to the plants: the trees turn yellow, leaves fall or trees and bushes stand naked, buds swell on them, flowers appear, and apples and pears ripen. What about herbs, flowers, and wild and agricultural fields?
  • The behavior of birds and animals: what flies and to where, how is the process of feeding, who wakes up or falls asleep, etc.
  • The behavior of people: how they dress, where they fly or go, and what holidays they are prepared for.
  • Do the conclusion: for what reasons do you like or, on the contrary, do not like the current season? Perhaps you love all seasons, as each has its pros and cons.

If you follow this plan, then writing an essay on nature will not cause any difficulty. The more unique details are found, the better. For an example, only autumn leaves can be described in the entire work. How? Describe the leaves of each individual tree! Birch leaves are small, round and golden, and the oak has brown leaves, and maple has carved and colorful leaves.

You can describe the leaves falling, and compare it with the dance of Mrs. Autumn, and describe how the leaves are washed from the summer dust by rain. Describe the autumn forest. Write which mushrooms under what tree grow. Write which birds on which tree live and how they chirp. Write what forest has what colors: a birch, for example, has a lot of gold, and a coniferous has green colors.

Describe the air. Remember the details of the autumn forest. You can describe the winter wonderfully. Apply the same method of figurative thinking. Snowflakes are like ballerinas. They are circling in a winter waltz. Winter is like an aristocratic woman. Therefore, she adores strictness and a gentle academic tone. Describe the roofs, the freshness of the air, the creaking underfoot, and the feeling of magic from the trees covered with hoarfrost.

Remember the handsome winter bullfinches. Describe the titmouse. What do the birds do? Just answer this question directly in your essay – they fly from branch to branch, look for food, chirp, and fight – and now, two pages are quietly written.

Remember what you do only at this time of year. For example, in winter you go to the skating rink or ski. In the summer, perhaps you also visit the skating rink, but obviously not under the open sky. Write about this. Think about the holidays. For example, in winter people celebrate the New Year. Describe the festive mood of people at this time of year.

You can also write a lot about spring. As nature wakes up, birds start singing, the first blades of grass appear on thawed patches, etc. Write about the sense of joy not only in humans, but in animals as well. Describe how under your windows, the cats begin shouting. Write how streams run. Describe the air. What flavors are brought by wind gusts? Write how the birds build their nests and sing their songs throughout the day. You can even describe the first worms and running ants!

The easiest method of writing a nature essay is to write about the summer. After all, at this time of year, students have summer break! Describe where you went in the summer. What kind of nature is there? What is the difference between trees, bushes, birds, grass, and insects in your hometown from those in your holiday destination? What surprised you personally? And what pleased you when you returned? By the way, it happens very often that after visiting exotic countries, when you arrive home you suddenly notice how beautiful your hometown is!

Compare some natural phenomena with images, with something very similar to something beautiful of people’s lives. For example, leaves falling is like a dance, the rustle of the wind is like the sound of quiet music, the songs of birds are like a concert, spring is like a young girl, autumn is like an artist, winter is like a strict and even severe aristocrat, etc. To learn more how to write this type of an essay – Determine How to Handle Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay.

We hope that these tips should suffice so that the question of how to write a nature essay will disappear. Even with simply responding to the points listed here of the plan proposed by us, you should get everything done – if not excellently, then at least well! To facilitate the writing of your paper, check out our blog for more tips and guidelines.