Little Known Essay Hacks That You Must Try


If you are not a first year student, you probably have read many essay hacks during your studying. However, we hope that our article will still be useful for you. All the hacks that you will see below were created from different students’ experiences. If you apply them in practice, you’ll save much time and effort. Be quick to read our tips!

Hack #1: Create a challenge for yourself.
One of the ways on how to save time is to establish time frames. We don’t mean the deadline specified by your teacher. We are talking about time frames that you establish for yourself for specific steps of the task. You need to divide the process of writing into steps, such as searching for sources, reading certain articles, making notes, and others. And what is more important, you should establish a specific amount of time that you need to cope with a process.

It’s probably not the first essay of your life. Therefore, you should know the approximate time of executing definite processes. Try to conduct tight time frames for yourself. The more time you have, the less focused you become – because you feel too relaxed. Start writing only after you choose challenging time frames!

Hack #2: Find out useful sources from Wikipedia.
There are many controversial opinions about Wikipedia. One may say that it’s a great source that contains useful and well-structured information in one place. Others say that this source consists of unreliable information. The trick is that both of them are right. Some articles in Wikipedia are completed by people who are not experts in issues they reveal in their articles.

Each article on Wikipedia contains a list of references. If you don’t find the information in the article useful, you can at least use the sources from the list which you think are reliable. Also, articles on Wikipedia are helpful when you need to see the whole picture. You will know what kind of information to look for hereafter.

Hack #3: Try to exclude intensifiers from your paper.
We know that you love adding intensifiers to exaggerate the sense of what you are saying. However, superfluous usage of intensifiers can negatively influence the impression from your essay. Is it common to you when you are asked several times to do something and when a person highlights the importance, you sometimes don’t want to do it? It often happens to children when they are asked by their parents. No one likes when someone is obtrusive. Make your opinion and claims stronger by presenting facts instead of the usage of intensifiers. Don’t be obtrusive – give the reader an opportunity to make his or her own conclusions.

Hack #4: Use a dictionary of synonyms.
When you are completing a paper, you should pay attention to repetition. Try to make your work harmonious by avoiding many repetitions. If you don’t know how to substitute certain words, you can use a dictionary of synonyms. However, you should consider that some words that are synonyms can’t be interchanged because they have meanings that are too different.

Before changing a certain expression to a synonym, check the definitions of those expressions. Also, you should take into consideration that some terms can’t be substituted. We also recommend you to create your own vocabulary for synonyms. It should contain the most frequently used words which you usually use when composing a paper. Start writing after you find a good dictionary for synonyms.

Hack #5: Don’t refuse handwriting.
Did you know that different parts of the brain are activated when you are writing and typing? When people write, they are more likely to use the right hemisphere, which is responsible for creativeness. When we are typing, the left hemisphere is more active. For this reason, if you would like to be more creative, you can write your paper by hand before typing it. We don’t say that you should submit a written paper instead of printed version. You can start writing with a pen and then type your text on computer. That way, you will also reread it properly and check for mistakes.

Hack #6: Use Google Docs.
This is one of the most important essay hacks from the list. Hopefully, the tragedy of having hours spent completing your essay being erased by something going wrong with the file has never happened to you. To avoid such trouble, you can use Google Docs. When you are writing some information in Google Docs, it saves automatically at once so that you won’t lose data even if your computer suddenly switches off or anything of this nature.

Also, it is convenient because you have access to your texts all the time. If you need to submit an essay for tomorrow and you can’t get home for some reason or you just don’t want to, you can open the Google document with your essay on someone else’s computer and send it to your teacher.

Hack #7: Work with reference-creating services.
Formatting references takes much time and many students make mistakes when doing it. There are specific services that can format references for you. You shouldn’t abuse the usage of these services, but you can use them when you are lacking time. Firstly, it will save a great amount of time. Secondly, you will learn how to format cited works in practice. We should warn you that not all services are reliable. Look for those which are related to top universities or colleges.

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