Top 27 Useful Words for Writing an Essay About Technology

technology essay

Almost each day when you are reading news, you find out that there are some discoveries and innovations in technology. And it’s not surprising, as we are living in the era of technology now. For this reason, you will definitely be assigned with an essay about technology one day. If this day is today, we recommend you to read this article and follow the recommendations you find in it. Also, you will see a list of words that are necessary for a paper on the mentioned topic.

What to Write About?

If your teacher didn’t give you a specific topic, you should examine the ideas listed below. There are no narrow topics here; these are directions on what to write about in your technology essay.

  • Analyze the impacts of technologies on specific aspects of life. Technologies have influence on diverse spheres of our lives. This can be social, cultural, political, or even personal life. It depends on the type of essay you are going to complete. It is also important to take into consideration the discipline you are writing for.
  • Discuss the changes in technologies. Write about changes that recently happened in the approach of designing or using technologies. You can compare changes in attitude towards technologies for a certain period of time. Also, you need to analyze the reasons and effects of such changes.
  • Describe certain technologies. You can focus on series of products of a certain company or even on one product of a company. You can also compare different products which are related to one sphere such as medicine, public safety, home devices, or anything of this nature.
  • Make the overview of a specific sphere of technologies. Compare technologies which are related to a specific sphere. You can discuss which laptop is the most convenient for business or gaming, or you can try to investigate which mobile phone is the safest for children of school age.

Choose the listed directions and make topics out of them for your essay about technology. You need to narrow down the listed ideas by making them more specific.

Vocabulary for Writing a Technology Essay

Below, you will see a list of words which can be helpful for completing an essay about technology. Also, we have completed examples with these words so that you can understand how to use them. Hopefully, this list will help with creating your essay.

  1. User-friendly

  2. Device

  3. Cutting edge

  4. Breakthrough

  5. Technophobe

  6. Innovation

  7. Viral

  8. Obsolete

  9. Indispensable

  10. Social media

  11. Privacy

  12. Labor-saving

  13. Cyber crime

  14. Cyber safety

  15. Technophile

  16. Modify

  17. Gadget

  18. Access

  19. State-of-the-art

  20. E-commerce

  21. Computer literate

  22. Technological progress
  23. Digital natives

  24. Intuitive

  25. Censorship

  26. Browse

  27. Wireless


  • Many users prefer the iPhone for its user-friendly interface.
  • When you are boarding a plane, you will be asked to turn off all electronic devices or switch them to airplane mode.
  • The Chinese market is on the cutting edge of technologies.
  • Self-driving trucks are among the various breakthrough technologies this year.
  • Many people born in the 1940s can be called technophobes for their hostile position towards innovation in technology.
  • Making viral videos is becoming one of the most commonly-used marketing tools today for its relative cheapness.
  • Compact discs have become obsolete – USB flash drives are used much more often.
  • Mobile phones are indispensable for youth. Many young people confess that they feel defenseless without their phones.
  • Social media leaves no chance for privacy nowadays. It’s almost impossible to conceal your location.
  • In the 21st century, labor-saving devices are a necessity, not a luxury. Soon, there will be vacuum-cleaning robots in each house.
  • Cyber crimes are becoming more dangerous and more common in spite of all preventive measures taken by the FBI towards cyber safety.
  • Technophiles spend a lot of money on buying new technologies even if new models are not greatly modified compared to previous models.
  • Modern gadgets are not designed for long-term service. This is the way companies boost sales.
  • When you are looking for a hotel in an unknown city, one of the important criteria which you consider while searching is access to internet in the room.
  • People in developing countries don’t have the ability to use state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Some people are determined that e-commerce is fraudulent and it’s impossible to safely buy products through the internet.
  • Some kids are more computer literate than their parents because they were born in the age of active technological progress.
  • Children born in the late 90s and at the beginning of the 21st century are digital natives. They are able to master new technologies much faster than representatives of other generations.
  • Many companies that design technologies spend much money on testing their products to make them as intuitive to use as possible.
  • Censorship is the characteristic of a totalitarian regime.
  • Before going to the mall, I usually browse products on the internet.
  • Today, it’s hard to find computers that don’t have wireless connections.

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