Where to Find Dissertation: Ways of Choosing a Good Service

If you decided to pursue a master’s degree or a PhD, you will have to write a dissertation. How long to write it depends on what grade you want on it and the requirements of your university. What volume will be sufficient for the degree you are pursuing? Actually, each discipline has its own limits and criteria. In the field of humanities, you may write 60-80 pages and be done with it, but in the field of programming, your dissertation will be no less than 120 pages due to the necessity of including a full transcript of the code you wrote. In addition, whom should you address if you need some help? These and other questions connected to dissertation writing will be answered below.


Dissertation: How Long to Write?

According to a survey conducted in 2007, which observed more than 2,500 defended dissertations, the average volume lied between 100 and 200 pages. However, there have been dissertations which contained 21 and 2002 pages. This fact proves that each discipline has its own features, so you’d better ask your advisor about the criteria of your department.

Moreover, in order to understand how much you should write, you have to start with a clear outline. When you will see all the points you have to cover while conducting research and writing a dissertation, you will decide on the volume of your work. But don’t forget to consult your advisor anyway!

Starting the Process

It is said that in dissertation writing (and in any other kind of academic writing) the most difficult thing to do is start. Many students can easily describe their research and methodology or write an overview of the literature. But when it comes to the introduction part, they are stuck. In this case, many start wondering where to find dissertation introductions which they can use as an example. But be careful with this “lifehack”: many professors know the free works published on the Internet almost by heart, so you may be accused of plagiarism if you use another author’s introduction as an example.

So what should you do if you have no idea about how to write a good introduction? You can google “where to find dissertation,” pick up a good service and order any part of the paper you want.

Looking for Help

Waiting for your muse to come is a bad idea, since you may start procrastinating. And “my scientific inspiration has not come yet” can be a good excuse to believe in. Start doing something: this is a simple and efficient way to succeed. It’s easy to say, but how can you start if you have no idea how to write a dissertation. How long to write it, what kind of sources to use, what are the text formatting rules…

A dissertation is a highly formal piece of academic writing–that’s why it is restricted by so many rules that you can compose a dissertation on them. An obvious solution to this problem is looking for some extra help on the Internet. But where to find dissertation writing assistance or someone who’d write one for you?

Choosing a Service

There are dozens of cheap dissertation writing services on the Internet. But don’t be mesmerized by their attractive prices, since most of these services have hidden charges and extra payments. A dissertation is a serious academic work, so it is the least likely to be sold at a low price than any other kind of academic work.

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