20 Food Essay Topics That Fit Any Taste

“Stop eating pizza and burgers!” some people say. Others say, “Eat whatever you want if you are engaged in a sport.” Still others say that you can eat everything before 6 P.M. And where is the truth? How and what should we eat to be healthy? These issues are difficult and controversial. You can’t answer all food questions in one food essay. Therefore, our cheap essay writing service have prepared topics that will help you to reveal many issues about nutrition in different papers. Take a look at our lists and choose the topic you like the most!

20 Food Essay Topics That Fit Any Taste

Before You Start

Before you start getting acquainted with our topics, we would like to tell you that our topics are not only for a fast food essay. We tried to gather topics that concern food and nutrition in general so that you have a wide choice. Also, you should know that some of these topics are very controversial and demand deep research from you. Therefore, think twice before selecting certain topics. Mostly, our list is oriented to college students; however, some of them are suitable for high school students too. You can also use them to apply for “write my paper for cheap” help as a topic for your writer.

Food Essay Topics on Social Life

  1. While many activists fight against fast food, people forget that each medal has a reverse side. What are the advantages of fast food? What were the reasons for inventing fast food? What exactly should we change so that there are more fast food advantages than disadvantages, and is it possible to make these changes?
  2. Is the expiry date always true? Who gets profit from specifying the wrong expiry date? Look at the problem from different points of view. First, give your opinion as if you were a representative of a manufacturing company, and then as if you were a retailer. What punishment would you establish for specifying the wrong expiry date?
  3. Should the amount of fast food adverts be controlled by the government? Analyze a current advertising strategy of one of the fast food companies. Define its target audience and advertising methods. Are some of this company’s methods restricted by the law? Would you ban fast food advertising at all if you could?
  4. Diverse religious denominations place a limit on eating certain products — for example, products of animal origin. Select a religious domination and explore underlying reasons for establishing specific food limitations. Do you think that the vegetarian movement can be connected to religion? Explain your opinion.
  5. What is the place of food in your culture? What are traditions for taking food? Are there any restricted products in your national food? Do you agree with the niceties of table manners that are adopted in your country?
  6. If parents provide their children with unhealthy food, should someone interfere? Who can influence children’s eating habits besides parents? Should children be taught at educational affiliations what they should eat? If so, should there be teachers who will provide students with knowledge on how to prepare healthy food themselves?
  7. Many schools provide their students with meals. If a student can’t eat food that is served at school because of beliefs, should a school serve another meal for this student? How should parents participate in choosing food that is served for their children?
  8. If a school student suffers from obesity, which measures should the school take to help the student feel comfortable? Should this student be provided with a personal diet plan? If the obesity of this child is related to the lack of parents’ attention, who should help this child in this case?
  9. Todays’ pace of living is very fast. Is it possible to eat normally under these circumstances? How can governments help people to eat healthy food without spending a lot of time on it?
  10. Our society pays too much attention to food: there are a lot of culinary TV shows, new culinary devices are invented quite frequently, and cafes and restaurants are common places to meet with people. Agree or disagree with this statement and give your arguments. Also, express your opinion on which place should food take in people’s lives.

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Food Essay Topics on Health

  1. Is being vegan natural for humans? What is the impact of being vegan on a person as an organism? What are the common ways to substitute products of animal origin? Should parents who are vegans themselves be allowed to make their children eat only vegan food?
  2. Compare today’s nutrition habits to nutrition habits that took place two hundred years ago. How are they different and what do they have in common? Which way of nutrition is more useful for people’s health? What are the reasons for dramatic changes in food habits?
  3. Which cuisine is the healthiest and which is the most harmful for health? Support your opinion with the latest research and statistics. Do you think people should eat only food that relates to their national cuisine to be healthy? Why are pizza and sushi so popular all over the world?
  4. Are products cultivated at home better for health than those which you buy at supermarkets? Are there any risks for health in eating home-grown food? What about domestic animals? Which preventive steps should people take to help their animals be healthy to get high-quality products of animal origin as a result?
  5. Complete a list of the top five products for people’s health. Explain why each of them is useful for people. Also, find the most harmful products for people and provide the reader with arguments why these products are considered to be the most harmful for health.
  6. Most nutritionists insist that healthy nutrition should be associated with regular physical activity. However, what is more essential for health — physical activity or nutrition? Support your opinion with convincing arguments.
  7. Which are the most well-known stereotypes about nutrition? Can you dispel some of them? Compare different opinions and research to find rules of nutrition that we should definitely follow to be healthy according to the views of most experts. Do you think that today’s golden rules of nutrition can change in twenty years? Make your predictions about future eating habits.
  8. Which countries suffer from obesity more than others? How does this factor influence the lifespan of the population and the abundance of diverse diseases that are caused by obesity? Find statistical data and research on this issue. Should governments fight this problem? What steps would you take if you were a Minister of Health?
  9. Low-carbohydrate diets help people to lose weight quickly. What is the price of such quick weight loss? How to reduce your weight so that it is useful for your health?
  10. How can nutrition influence the psychological state of a person? Are there any products that can be considered natural antidepressants? How does healthy nutrition affect a person’s self-esteem?

Food Essay Writing Tips

  • Provide the reader with statistical data. Food is a very popular topic nowadays that is discussed all over the world. There is diverse statistical data and research that will help you to come to certain conclusions. Include them in your fast food essay so that it will look more trustworthy.
  • Try not to look obsessed with certain ideas. When you have strong beliefs, you can rave and storm to prove your ideas. Even if your ideas are great and can change this world for the better, you might have little credibility if you insist on some thought too much without proper argumentation. So, try to respect other views so that others respect yours.
  • Express your ideas clearly. When you are writing an essay, especially an argumentative or persuasive, you should define your idea clearly so that you won’t be accused of being a person with fleeting tastes. Your aim is to prove your thought. You shouldn’t say that both claims are likely to be true. Choose a side.

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