21 Stunning Sports Essay Topics You Must See

Have you noticed how many people get up early in the morning, jog, drink an apple-celery smoothie and gradually refuse from engaging in harmful habits? Today, being healthy is a trend. If you are smoking or drinking alcohol, you appear as a person with weak will. However, this issue is arguable. For this reason, teachers provide their students with tasks which concern health and its specific aspects. In this article, we are going to give you information about how to write an essay on sports. Get acquainted with our topics and exclusive tips!

21 Stunning Sports Essay Topics You Must See

Sports Essay Topics


  1. Should schools give an opportunity for students to be engaged in diverse kinds of sports? If yes, what kinds of sports would you like to be offered at school? If not, explain your opinion and offer the ways on how to encourage students to be engaged in sports.
  2. Should all school students be obliged to be engaged in sports several times a week? Who can be exempted from this obligation and why? Do you think that college students should decide on their own whether they need to participate in sports?
  3. Should school sportsmen be tested on drugs before games between schools? What punishment would you suggest for sportsmen who fail a drug test? Should schools and college sportsmen receive scholarships for their sport achievements?
  4. If you were a principal, would you establish a separate course for school athletes with a simplified educational program so that they have enough time for studying and for training? Give your opinion on the topic and present examples of real people who are able to develop intellectually and physically.
  5. Do you consider cheerleading as sport? Should conditions for cheerleaders be the same as for athletes? Analyze why the majority of cheerleaders are girls.

Sports Itself

  1. Video game or eSport championships have become quite popular. Should professional video game playing be considered a sport? If you can establish a computer game championship, what video game would it be and why? People of what age would be allowed to participate in your contest?
  2. What is your attitude to bodybuilding? Can it be considered as a kind of sport? Should women be bodybuilders? Try to find psychological factors that influence people to become bodybuilders.
  3. Are there any kinds of sports that are inappropriate for women? If yes, name those types and explain why you think that these types of sports are inappropriate for women. If you can’t find any kind of sport that is not suitable for women, you should try to find out whether there are kinds that are not suitable for men. Explain your point of view.
  4. If a person possesses an innate talent in a specific kind of sport, would he or she be able to achieve success without a coach’s help? Find an example of a successful sportsman who developed his or her talent alone.
  5. Which personal qualities should a perfect coach possess? Is it obligatory for coaches to be great sportsmen themselves? If a person is a great sportsman, does this mean that he or she will be a good coach?


  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking energy drinks for sportsmen? Explain the effect of energy drinks on the human body and suggest another way to improve vitality. If you were able to, would you forbid energy drinks production?
  2. How many times a week should you participate in sports so that you are healthy? Is the more the better in this case? Are professional sportsmen very healthy? Find the results of research on the topic and support your opinion with them.
  3. What are the best kinds of sports for health? Create a list with top five kinds of sports that will make you healthy and explain the benefits of each of them.
  4. What are the most dangerous kinds of sports? Create a list with top five of the most dangerous kinds of sports. Explain your opinion and present actual statistical data to support your point of view.
  5. Why is yoga so popular now? Analyze the benefits of this kind of sport and try to find out whether yoga is suitable for people of all ages.
  6. What is a more effective way to get rid of obesity — to do a sport or to follow a diet? Explain your opinion and find research on the topic to support it.

essay on sports


  1. What is the connection between sports and politics? Are the Olympic Games political? What are factors which influence the results of the Olympic Games? Why do the same nations win from year to year?
  2. It seems that sports and alcohol are things that are difficult to combine. However, alcohol producers don’t think so. Have you noticed that a lot of alcohol producers are sponsors of sporting events? How can you explain this paradox? Also, give the examples of alcohol advertisements that are related to sports and express your opinion about this.
  3. Being healthy is a trend now. Try to find the reasons for the appearance of this trend and explain what the consequences are. Also, express your predictions about future generations’ attitude to their health.
  4. Should the government encourage adults to do sports? What measures would you take if you were the representative of the government? Would you establish some programs to help poor people to do sports, for example, provide them with sports clothes or pay for their gym membership?
  5. In spite of the fact that a healthy lifestyle is popular now, there are some people that still are having harmful habits. What are the reasons why such people act like this and who or what bothers them to adopt a healthy lifestyle? How would you encourage such people to refuse from engaging in harmful habits and to start a good diet, do sports, and sleep well?

Tips on Sports Essay Writing

  • Express your real opinion. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion even if you know that it differs from your teacher’s point of view. The most important thing in this case is to find persuasive arguments. If you try to defend the point of view that you don’t understand or don’t like, it will not sound convincing.
  • Keep the balance. When you are writing a sports essay, make sure that your introduction, conclusion and body are of the appropriate length. Don’t write too long or too short intros and conclusions.
  • Organize your paper. Divide your text into paragraphs so that it is easy to read. If your essay is long, you should also include subheadings. That way, your text will appear more organized.

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