30 Unique Gender Equality Essay Topics

Gender Equality Essay

Over the past decades, sociology has reached the peak of gender relations issues. To a greater extent this reflects changes in the society itself. Issues related to the characteristics of a person’s gender and psychological differences are among the most recent and actively discussed.

It is believed that the meaning “gender” was firstly introduced into the scientific world by the American psychoanalyst Robert Ostler in his work “Gender and Gender: the Development of Masculinity and Femininity” (1968). He regarded “Gender” as a concept that expresses the psychological, social and cultural characteristics of individual. Therefore, it’s not necessary to associate the woman’s being with “femininity,” and the existence of a man with “courageous” behavior. This approach was supported by many sociologists, and he became the founder of a new direction of social studies – gender studies.

Today, the role of women in society has multiplied many times, both in economic, social and political spheres of public life. But all of this is the result of the long and stubborn struggle. Women have waged this struggle for several centuries, sacrificing everything: family, well-being, sometimes their own lives. Often a woman is wiser than many men and thus for a long time held the power: an example is Queen Elizabeth and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Essay on gender equality can be written on multiple topics, as this subject has many issues. If you don’t know what topic to choose, pick one from the list we made for you!

Topics on Gender Equality Essay

1. Gender relations in the sphere of parenthood: history and modernity. Describe how the roles of mothers and fathers changed throughout the centuries.
2. Analysis of gender mainstreaming in education. Describe how gender equality and inequality manifest in educational institutions and how it changed for the present.
3. Gender stereotypes among young men and women as students. Think about what gender stereotypes students have. How can they be changed?
4. Typology of women’s prose: the gender aspect. Describe how theory of gender works in literature, where the male and female view of the world is visually and deeply embodied. Pick one book and analyze it in the context of gender.
5. Gender issues in L. Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina” and G. Flaubert’s novel “Madame Bovary.” Read and analyze the mentioned books, distinguish how gender inequality is described in books and how the main characters manage this inequality.
6. Woman in modern society: the history of gender issues. Describe how gender issues developed and changed through the years. Describe main political movements or highlight the most influential events.
7. Analysis of gender problems of everyday life in modern romance novels. Pick one or several books that brightly show issues about gender inequality. Essay should describe how this inequality becomes a problem in people’s lives.
8. General theoretical aspects of gender and feminology. Describe the essence of feminology and its relation to gender inequality issues.
9. Problems of gender socialization. Describe gender roles of boys and girls, how biology, family, education and career influence gender socialization.
10. Gender stereotypes in sports. Describe the biggest gender stereotypes in the history of sports and how it influenced the careers of athletes.
11. Personal characteristics of adolescents with different gender identities. Describe how culturally sanctioned gender roles influence adolescent mental health and gender identity.
12. The gender aspect of management. Describe what problems women experience in managerial positions. How can gender influence careers and what perspectives does this issue have?
13. Gender aspects of Christian virtue and purity. Analyze biblical text and describe how women are painted in these texts. Explain the role of women and men according to the Bible.
14. Social gender stereotypes in mass media. Analyze TV commercials or TV shows in mass media and specify gender stereotypes used.
15. Dress code as manifestation of gender inequality. Describe how a dress code at schools and workplaces obstructs gender inequality. Essay should state arguments on what kinds of clothing is appropriate or not.
16. Prove or disprove this statement: “Why do we need to change the traditions that have existed for centuries? Let men engage in the “masculine,” and women in “feminine,” and everyone will be happy.”
17. Christian feminism: origins and modernity. Describe what the equality of men and women looks like from the perspective of Christianity. What is christian feminism? Can a woman be a pastor?
18. Gender equality changes through the Disney animation films. Analyze the scenarios of Disney animation films from the very beginning. Describe how the overall mood about female characters and their roles has changed.
19. Feminism in the history of political and legal thought. Describe the legal status of women in the Ancient World.
20. Social and psychological foundations of feminism in modern Iranian society. Describe women’s rights movements in Iran and changes in women’s rights.
21. Sociological analysis of gender asymmetry in various languages. Describe languages that have different ways of assigning gender.
22. Concepts of gender inequality on examples of fairy tales. Analyze several fairy tales that contain women characters. What image do they have? Do these fairy tales misrepresent woman’s nature? How do fairy tales spoil the world view of young girls?
23. Sex, gender, masculinity and women’s sports. Describe the place of women in today’s sports and how this situation looked a hundred years ago.
24. Orthodox Judaism: a woman and the transformation of her roles in a religious institute. Describe the change of women’s roles in modern Judaism.
25. Woman and society in the philosophy of feminism of the second wave. Think on works of Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan and define what ideas provoked the second wave.
26. The struggle of American women for equal rights and opportunities. What changes have American women made in the social and economic sphere? Describe the creation of legislative framework for women’s entrepreneurship.
27. Problems of female education in the interpretation of Mary Wollstonecraft. Reflect on the thoughts of Mary Wollstonecraft on gender equality and why women should be treated equally to men.
28. The image of an American woman through the eyes of feminists in the US. Describe what inequality issues still arise in US society.
29. Self-determination of women in profession: modern contradictions. Describe the character of a woman’s self-determination as a professional in today’s society.
30. Sexual violence in conflict situations: the problem of victimization of women. Many states still don’t uphold women’s right to sexual autonomy and many women are still unable to protect themselves from unwanted sex. Think about why this issue still persists and the possible solutions.

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