6 Little Known Speech Writing Tips

We hope you didn’t miss our previous speech writing tutorial for students and are still interested in the topic.

Writing a speech is one of those skills that you will definitely need at least once in your life. Now, when you are studying, you also deliver speeches but sometimes you don’t have time for preparations. In this article, we’ll talk about the type of speeches that are written preemptively. The most obvious example of such a speech is one which is delivered by a politician. Our aim today is to provide you with speech writing tips that will help you to complete gorgeous speeches regardless of the type of speech.

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3 Main Reasons to Improve Your “Writing a Speech” Skills

Before providing you with speech writing tips, we decided to inspire you a little. We would like you to present you reasons why you should improve your skills in speech writing. That way, you’ll have more motivation to complete an astonishing speech. The reasons are as follows:

  1. To increase your self-esteem. When you are a good speaker, people admire you. Some people are brilliant at rhetoric by nature, while others need years of painstaking work to become an amazing orator. However, the result is worth it. People who are good at speeches reach their goals much faster. They feel confident and other people see that confidence in them. This urges people to follow good orators or give them exactly what they want. Even if you are not an ambitious person, you’ll enjoy people respecting and admiring you.
  2. To get desired job position. Typically, employers ask their candidates to fill in the application form. The most popular question is “Why do you consider yourself as a perfect candidate?” Skills in writing speeches will definitely serve you well in this case. Your potential employer wants to see a person behind the screen. Therefore, you should answer in a way that you would answer if you were sitting in front of him/her. Essentially, your answer should be similar to a speech— actually, a brilliant speech if you are eager to get the position. So, getting the job of your dream is one more reason to improve your “writing speech” skills.
  3. To be a respectful leader. Even if you will work for one company for several years, this doesn’t guarantee that you will be a chief manager one day. You can be a brilliant specialist in your field, but this is not the only characteristic you need to become a boss. You should cultivate you capacity to inspire people, and make them cooperate in the most effective way with each other and you. In this process, what is important is your ability to deliver your inspiring speeches to employees. Also, it is crucial for you if you are going to become a politician.

6 Quick Speech Writing Tips

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We hope that the previous paragraph has inspired you so that you will apply our tips in practice with more eagerness. So here are the tips:

  • Delete redundancies mercilessly. When rereading your text, make sure that you don’t have tautology in it. Your text should be well-organized. If you are having doubts whether to delete a word, a sentence, or even a paragraph, try to prove its relevancy. Ask yourself, “What for do I include this information?” The purposes of semantic units can be diverse. Some of them might have the following aims: to urge a certain emotional state of the audience, to prove the statement, to spark the interest of the audience, etc.
  • Use timers. First, you should find out the time limit for your speech. After you complete the first draft, read it aloud and time your speech. Try to immerse yourself in the real atmosphere that you will be in. Read the text with all necessary pauses and have extra time for force majeure circumstances, such as someone’s delay or anything of this nature. After you find out the actual time of your speech you should rewrite it so that its duration doesn’t go beyond the time limit.
  • Think of pauses. Pauses are crucial for making the desired impression. You need to make proper pauses to give time for the audience to digest the information. Also, we’d like to give you a tip that professors often use. When you see that you are losing the audience’s attention, stop talking. Keep silent until the audience’s attention returns.
  • Try to apply NLP’s practices. Did you hear about neuro-linguistic programming? This is not our area of expertise, that’s why we won’t give you any specific techniques of it. However, as the practice shows, neuro-linguistic programming can be effective. So, we recommend that you read about it in issue-related sources.
  • Keep in mind your audience all the time. While writing a speech, you should always remember your receiver. When you include specific terms to your speech, make sure that they are familiar to your audience. Also, adjust the speech tempo according to the age of the audience. For example, if you convey the information to an elderly audience, speak slowly.
  • Create several strategies. It can happen that you will need to write a speech for an unfamiliar or diverse audience. Write your speech in several adaptations so that it will suit any audience. Also, prepare tricks that will give you additional time if you forget anything. For example, prepare some appropriate jokes, life stories that you know well, or pose some questions to the audience. That way, you’ll lighten the atmosphere and provide yourself with a couple of minutes.

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