Speech Writing Tutorial for Students

Many people think that speech writing is necessary only for politicians but they are mistaken. There are a lot of spheres where this skill is useful and even crucial. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of speeches and we also will give you recommendations on how to complete gorgeous speeches.

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What Is Speech Writing?

This question isn’t difficult to answer. Everyone knows what speeches are from their childhood. Since we were kids we have heard a lot of speeches on TV and at school. The first speeches that you could hear in your life were from school teachers and politicians. Some speeches are written by speakers, and others are prepared by specialists in speech writing. Such specialists should have many skills to write brilliant speeches. They need to possess knowledge in psychology, social science and linguistics, and this is not the whole list. So, when we are talking about speech writing, primarily we mean a professional approach to writing a speech.

What Should You Consider While Writing?

When you need to write a speech you should take into account these factors:

  • The audience
  • The communication channel
  • The main purpose

Let us reveal each of these points.

The Audience
Before you write a speech, you should find out this information about your audience:

  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Life values
  • Content of interest

Knowing these points will help you to approach the audience. For example, if you deal with an adolescent audience, you should be expressive and eccentric. You should also pay more attention to emotions than logic. However, this advice is too vast. Try to find a more personal approach to your audience. If you want your speech to be effective, you should define the needs of the audience and satisfy them.

The Communication Channel

While you are writing a speech, you should take into consideration the communication channel — the means by which the speech takes place. This can be:

  • TV broadcast
  • Sound-broadcast
  • In front of a live audience

Each of these channels has its specificities. Let us give you recommendations about each of them.

Tips on announcing speech via TV

  1. Stay formal
  2. Try not to improvise
  3. Choose medium speech tempo
  4. Write down the list of questions you might be asked and answer them in your speech

Tips on announcing speech via sound-broadcast

  1. Make your voice sounds confident
  2. Show different emotions through your voice, don’t be monotonous
  3. Your speech should be short and easy to perceive

Tips on announcing speech in front of a live audience

  1. Examine the audience’s reactions and correct your speech according to the current atmosphere
  2. Interact with the audience
  3. If the audience is less than a hundred people you can be sometimes informal through telling jokes and anecdotes
  4. Take control over your gestures

The Main Purpose

The purposes of your speeches can vary. Typically, your aim is to prove your ideas or ideas of the group that you represent. Sometimes, you just need to inform about specific facts or events. According to the object, the style of your approach will be different. You will need to use a diverse vocabulary, and your emotions should be different, even your appearance. In this article we won’t particularly talk about persuasive techniques. If you need to know more about this, read or watch another tutorial.

What Does Speech Writing Mean for Students?

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When you study at college you can be assigned with the task to write a speech. We recommend that you improve your skills in this activity for the following reasons:
This increases your chances to get well-paid jobs. If you are good at writing speeches you can work in politics, journalism, jurisprudence, and many other well-paid jobs. Also, you will be able to get a managing position, because people who are good at speeches are good at persuasion, which is an essential trait for bosses.

 – This skill is important for self-presentation. Whether you are giving a graduation speech in your educational affiliation or you are giving a speech at a wedding, you should show your wit, intellect, and good sense of humor. An effective speech can improve your reputation and help you to reach your goals. People are fond of brilliant speakers and successful public speaking skills can serve you well. If you would like to enter a prestigious educational institution or to apply for a scholarship, you will also need to improve your skill of writing a speech.

Quick Tips to Write Better Speeches

  • Use active voice. That way you’ll sound more dynamic. “This house was built for…” sounds worse than “we have built this house to…”
  • Build simple sentences. While writing keep in mind that you will create a speech that will be announced. You should use simple sentences so that the audience can easily understand you.
  • Follow the specific structure. Before writing a speech, you should define the main thesis and everything that you write should be dedicated to proving your thesis. Or, you also can include some sentences that will help you to take the heat off, or to play for time.
  • Make a conclusion. If your speech is long, it’s almost a certainty that the audience will forget the main points. So, your aim is to summarize them at the end.

How Else Can We Help You?

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