Simply About a Review Article in Questions and Answers

Do you need to complete an excellent review article? We’ll try to help you. In this article, we’ll explain to you what it is and how to complete it. Students are not properly acquainted with this type of assignment because they are not told to write it often unlike essays or research papers. However, it depends on the teacher. Typically, instructors choose one wide topic and ask students to complete review articles on narrower topics in the frame of the wide topic.

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We have prepared the article in questions and answers. After reading it you’ll know everything about a review article, or almost everything. Now, let’s move straight to questions and answers.

Q: What are review articles?

A: A review article is a written work which contains the information about literature that exists on the specific topic. You need to be a good researcher to complete this type of assignment. According to teachers’ requirements, review articles can consist of a survey or an evaluation of literature works that were written on the specific topic, points that are still not revealed, and predictions for future discoveries. When you are completing a review article you need to use only up-to-date information. As a rule, review articles lose their significance quite quickly. However, there are topics that are stagnant and there are no fresh discoveries or inventions that concern those topics.

Note: do not confuse review articles with peer reviews. Review articles are written with the aim to display a state of understanding of the topic. Peer-reviews are written to evaluate the work of a concrete author (often before publishing his or her work.)

Q: Why should students complete review articles?

A: You may think that this type of task is boring and pointless. However, it’s not true. If you put in a lot of effort and complete the assignment properly it will be easier for you to complete other assignments on this topic. When you are completing a review article you examine works on the topic thoroughly, you read a lot of experts’ critical articles, and as a result, you find out a lot on the topic and sources on that topic. If you will be assigned to complete an essay or a research paper on the same topic, you’ll easily do this because you will know where to look for reliable information.

Q: What should you write about?

A: You should mention scientists that made the most significant contribution for the development of the filed. Also, you need to write about their works: what are their main points, similarities and differences in works of those authors, and what questions are still unrevealed. You can also express your opinion about what points will be revealed next. Or, if the sphere is stagnant you can write about reasons for the stagnation.

Q: Are review articles peer reviewed?

A: It depends. Review articles can be peer reviewed or not. If some work is peer-reviewed, this means that it is checked for it suitability with society. As a rule, works are peer-reviewed before they are published in scholarly journals. A person or group of people checks if the work is consistent and whether it contains correct and up-to-date data, and other features. A review article itself can be peer-reviewed. These two notions (a review article and peer-review) are different. It is not obligatory to investigate whether the author of the specific book displays the correct information. When you complete review articles, you can just make a survey without analyses, unlike the peer-review.

Q: Are review articles primary sources?

A: No, they are not. Review articles are regarded as secondary literature. The borderline between primary and secondary literature is not strictly defined. According to the situation, the same work can be a primary or secondary source. However, review articles are typically considered to be secondary sources. This type of paper is written with the aim to make a survey of literature that exists on the topic. You shouldn’t make deep analyses of each of them in your review article.

Q: Can you cite review articles?

A: This question won’t actually help you to complete review articles. However, this question concerns the subject and students often ask such a question. So the answer is the following: you can do this in special cases. If you come across the review article that was completed by a respectful expert in the defined sphere, you can cite it. What exactly can you cite from the review article? You can use the expert’s evaluation of the specific source in your paper. Imagine that you are writing an argumentative essay. You will need to support your position and to refute the opposite side. You can do this with the help of the experts’ evaluation of sources. If a respectful expert says that data in the specific source is not reliable, and what is more important, gives reasons for such an opinion, you can cite his or her words in your paper.

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