Term Papers Questions and Answers

When you need to complete a term paper, you should really take it seriously. Different types of essays you write very often, research papers a bit less often, but term papers you write only once in a term. Therefore, your teacher will be stricter even with little mistakes. So, we have prepared this Q&A about term papers so that you succeed in completing a good term paper.

term papers

Q: What are term papers?

A: As we already mentioned, a term paper is a type of an academic assignment that you need to complete once in a term. Whether it be an essay, a research paper or a project —it’s up to your teacher to decide. A common feature for this type of paper is that you are to complete extended work. You will have enough time to complete a long, high-quality paper, of course, if you start as soon as you are assigned with this task. We can divide term papers into such groups:

  • Argumentative
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Cause and Effect
  • Analytical
  • Report

If your instructor hasn’t defined the type of paper, you should ask him or her about it. However, you should know that the most frequent types are argumentative and analytical term papers.

Q: How long are term papers?

A: The length of the paper will be specified by your instructor. Typically, the length varies between five and fifteen pages, written in Times New Roman with 12pt.font. However, the biggest part of completing a paper is not writing itself. You will spend more time on research. It might take you from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. This depends on the topic (just in case, here is the list of 20 best term paper topics ever). For example, if you need to take a comment of an expert or if you conduct an experiment, it might take a lot of time. Therefore, try to estimate the time you need to complete your assignment objectively and at the very beginning.

Q: Are term papers double spaced?

A: You should ask your instructor what format style you need to adhere to. If you are writing in APA or MLA formats, the whole text is double-spaced. If you need to complete the assignment in other formats, read more information about them.

Q: Do term papers need a title?

A: Yes, they do. According to MLA format you should put the title of your work in the center just after the information about you (your name, your instructor’s name, the course number and section, date) that is situated at the left corner. It should look as follows:

John Doe
Professor J. Doe
English 106

Symbolism in A Farewell to Arms

If you need to complete a paper in APA format, you will probably need to complete a separate title page. In the center of the page you should put the title. Also, you will need to complete a running head. Centered, underneath the title will be your name, the name of educational affiliation, the month and the year.

Note: anyway, you should ask your instructor what he or she expects to receive from you. Specify all the requirements in detail.

Little Tips on Titles

  • Make an optimal length of the title. Try to exclude all the redundant information from the title. At the same time, you shouldn’t erase words that make the topic more specific and narrow. For example, in the topic “The influence of Buddhism on the cultural life of Indians” you shouldn’t exclude “cultural” or “Indians.”
  • Ask your teacher for help. It can seem obvious, however, often students ignore this simple advice and then have difficulties with their title.
  • Keep in mind the aim of your work. Your title should be written in accordance with the style of approaching the information. Remember that a title of a term paper shouldn’t be like a newspaper’s heading. It should be clear, consistent and written in an academic style.

Q: Can term papers have pictures?

A: As a rule, your term paper shouldn’t contain any pictures. If you would like to add pictures just for decoration, you shouldn’t do this. Or, you should ask your teacher about this question.
There are cases when you are allowed to add pictures. For example, you can use specific pictures when you are writing about them in your text. In this case, you should cite the pictures properly.

Q: How much do term papers cost?

A: If you realize that you can’t cope with your term paper on time, you can apply for help to writing services. Of course, prices on different services are different. Even so, there are average prices and you should find a service that offers you a paper for an average price. Otherwise, the service can be a fraud. You should be suspicious of services that offer you too cheap or too expensive prices. When looking for a reliable service you need to pay attention to:

  • The services’ reputation. Find customer feedback on independent websites and in social media. Ask your friends and acquaintances about their experience of using such services. When reading feedback on the Internet, try to keep rationality. You shouldn’t believe everything that is on the Web.
  • The terms that the service offers you. If you are asked to make payments before you get the completed order, you are likely to get scammed, especially if you are told to pay the whole sum. The most safe way for customers and for writing services is the following: you put the whole sum on an independent payment system like PayPal, and then release your money after you get the completed assignment.

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