American Education System Essay Sample

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American Education System Essay Sample

Does the United States Have a Good or Poor Educational System Compared to the Rest of the World?

Education is an integral part of society today. The educational background of an individual is the basis on which the majority of people are regarded. As such, the educational system provided by a country is vital for the betterment of not just the individual, but the country as well. Since there is a correlation between the economic standing of a country and the educational system that a country provides to its citizens and foreigners, the benefits of a good educational system is important for a country’s overall well-being.

As a result of this relation, it stands to reason that a majority of the countries with a strong economic standing would provide its citizens with the best education possible, and one such country is of course the United States. According to Aleksiev, the education system provided by the US is diverse in the range of fields it is offering to its students (“US Education System”). While the educational system of the United States speaks of a higher standard compared to most countries in the past, the educational systems being implemented now by other countries is catching up to the United States.

According to Bendix, the United States placed 6th in ranking for education in the 1990s compared to its current ranking of 27th overall (“The US Was Once a Leader”). The reasons for this is because the US government is not allocating the proper funding for its educational system in addition to the priority placed by the US on the funds used.

Despite the lowered ranking of the United States, the educational system that it provides to its student is still of a higher quality. It can be pointed out that the educational system of the United States has stagnated in comparison with the rest of the world. However, the United States still has a good educational system compared to the rest of the world despite its lowered ranking.

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