Existence of God Essay Sample

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Existence of God Essay Sample

Does God Exist?

Does God exist? At some point in our lives, we question the existence of this being we have been taught to obey since we were little kids. This abstract being is one whom we only know about through stories passed on from one generation to another; a being whom we never actually see, but we somehow feel in different moments of our lives. So, how can we prove, or disprove, the existence of such a being?

Various debates have been done by philosophers, scientists, religious practitioners, and even ordinary people to try to convince each other to believe in their particular belief, whether God exists or not. However, they fail to reach a definitive answer, especially when using only the laws of science, since God is not of the natural world (Nelson).

One popular debate topic is about the origin of life, of the universe. For those who believe in God, they believe that God is the one who created our universe and gave us life. But for atheists, they believe that the universe has existed for eternity, that no particular event or being created it. According to William Lane Craig’s article on his website Reasonable Faith, “God makes sense of the origin of the universe.” So, if God does not exist, the origin of the universe according to the argument of atheists does not make sense and is self-contradictory according to mathematicians.

The real question here is not to prove or disprove God’s existence, but whether you personally believe in His existence. Does God truly exist for you? Your own answer matters more than what others dictate because you will be the one who has to live by this belief and all it entails.

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