Low Self-Esteem Essay Sample

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Low Self-Esteem Essay Sample

How Does Low Self-Esteem Affect Your Relationship and Career?

The feeling of being able to do what you want and show what you are good at is a self-fulfilling experience. Being at your best when you needed it is deeply rewarding. Thus, having a high self-esteem is a must to unlock your full potential, to give more, and to do more. There are lots of areas that will be affected by this, some of which are your relationships and your career.

People with low self-esteem are shy to mingle with others because they think lowly of themselves, and they think they are not good enough for other people. They feel they do not belong and do not meet the standards of society. From that, even though they want to be open and want to have relationships with other people, they tend to build walls that separates them from others. Because of this, building up lifelong friendships is a challenge: everyone must have the luxury to experience the joy and happiness that friendship brings.

People with self-confidence are likely to succeed in their career because they have the ability to interact and communicate confidently. Otherwise, people with low self-esteem do not compete very well and do not contribute much to the success of their respective organizations. As a fruitful member of a company, a person is expected to excel in their field of specialization. Intelligence doesn’t guarantee success, but attitude does.

When your relationships and career are affected, your whole life will suffer. “No man is an island,” as they say. When encountering people with low self-esteem, you can encourage them. Help them build their confidence by educating them and by lifting them up whenever possible. Knowing your worth as an individual will change your perspective, and will definitely change your life.

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