How to Email a Professor About Not Attending Class

How to Email a Professor About Not Attending Class Correctly

Red tape in universities all over the world today is solved with the help of the internet. One by one, universities launch their own online platforms where students can find schedules and lecture materials, and share homework with classmates.

Every day we receive and answer dozens of emails. But how to email a professor about not attending class? We want to present a few simple rules that will be very useful for many and will help you understand how to write such an email correctly. And you can always ask for “write my paper for cheap” help from our writers.

Rules for an Email to Professor About Missing Class

  1. Before sending, be sure to check the address to which you intend to send the email.
  2. Always fill in the “Subject” field with your class and section number information, and words like “missed class,” “class attendance,” or “absence.”
  3. Check the date for sending the email, because you will refer to it in the content. Do not trust entirely the computer calendar; look at a regular calendar.
  4. Do not use uppercase letters for typing particular words or sentences.
  5. Don’t use emoticons; they may not be correctly understood by the professor.
  6. Write as short and clear as possible. The shorter the message, the smaller its volume, and the easier it is to read and understand. Use, where possible, the standard signature added to the main text automatically (as a template) – for example, “Best regards.”
  7. Make your writing style simpler. Remember that overwrought formalities make the email unnatural.
  8. Save a copy of your email. On occasion you can refer to it.
  9. Before sending, carefully read the email text again. Remember that you can no longer return to edit it after sending.
  10. Inform the professor that you will not be in class and explain why in a few sentences.

How to Email Professor About Missing Class Following Proper Netiquette

Students ask questions to their teachers by email. Each professor has his or her own official address, for example: “” Although online correspondence is not as formalized as paper correspondence, it still obeys certain rules. To denote the norms of behavior on the internet, even a special word was invented: “netiquette.”

Student forums are filled with questions like the following: “How to write this correctly: ‘Mr. Smith’ or ‘Professor Dr. Smith?’” It may seem like a joke, but there is some truth in the ironic words of students. Some employees of universities, tired of the familiarity of students, refuse to respond to letters without proper treatment of their status.

Linguists believe that the style of communication between students and teachers varies from faculty to faculty. And what is considered quite normal for humanities students may not be understood by students of mathematics.

Create an Absence From Class Email Without Mistakes

There are mistakes in many students’ letters, and sometimes they are quite impressive. Here is a sample email to professor about missing class that shows how you shouldn’t write such emails:

Good evening. Did you receive a message from my friend that my train broke today? Because of this clunker, I ended up in the woods. I hope you didn’t miss me very much today 😉 I can get a medical certificate. Although in fact I was not sick. Thanks.”

This is a real message in which the student made every conceivable mistake. Conversational constructs are interspersed here with incorrect punctuation, and of course with an inappropriate emoticon.

The list of popular mistakes in student letters is headed by incorrect forms of greetings and farewells. In addition, young people often mix official business style with colloquial words in one letter.

The golden rule of internet communication is balance in everything: neutral appeal, short phrases, and no slang or inflated sentences. The adjective “dear” sounds solid, emphasizes the distance between teacher and student, and is great for the first letter. The expressions “good morning,” “good afternoon,” and “good evening” should be avoided. It is not known when the recipient prefers to view the email. Wishing a pleasant evening for breakfast may be completely inappropriate.

Additional difficulty appears with academic degrees and titles. While “doctor” is shortened to “Dr.,” the word “professor” is usually written completely. If a teacher has several scientists and academic titles, the title of the highest scientific degree is used. By the way, if in the first letter the titles are specified completely, then in subsequent ones they can be omitted.
The proper ending of the email should be “Best regards.”

More Advice on How to Email a Professor About Missing Class

  • Look at your address. Probably, communicating with friends, you can choose “,” but we assure you that in the academic community it will always produce a bad impression about you, as if you were at a lecture in a bikini. There is nothing wrong both in hot girls and bikinis, but there’s a time and a place. For the nickname of the email address, it is better to choose a combination of your name and surname, which is the address of most scientists. Get yourself a new address for correspondence with a professor!
  • Be careful with the avatar. Cats, almost naked girls, Cthulhu, pasta monsters, cartoon characters, and popular actors are not appropriate. In intensive messaging, it is not amusing, but distracting. We think that in correspondence with your professor, you should not use an avatar at all. No serious correspondents do this. In any case, the absence of an avatar gives the letter a neutral color, and a missing class email should be like that.

How to Email a Professor About Not Attending Class Sample

Subject: Absence, (class and section)
Dear Professor Smith,
I apologize for not being able to attend your lecture on September 13th on compassionate grounds. I will bring the finished assignment on September 14th. I have verified your work schedule and will bring it during work hours. Will it be convenient for you?
Best regards,
(your full name, class, and section).

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