Breastfeeding Essay Sample

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Breastfeeding Essay Sample

The Energy and Water Needs of Lactating Women

Lactating women need specific amounts of water and nutrients to facilitate the ample production of their milk and sustain their daily body needs. According to a 1985 World Health Organization report, the energy requirements of lactating women is the level of energy intake derived from food to promote the balance of a woman’s energy expenditure (based on body size and composition) and level of physical activities (Butte & King 1010). The water and nutrient requirements to provide the appropriate level of energy among lactating women must be met to promote good long-term health and well-being.

Furthermore, studies present the additional energy needs of lactating women to amount to an average of 670 kilocalories a day. However, should lactating women intend to lose postpartum weight, an additional average of 500 kilocalories a day for breastfeeding mothers is required (Dewey 19).

This additional energy requirement is not applicable to everyone, however, as women have various body types, body compositions and sizes, metabolic rates, and levels of physical activity.

Protein intake is important among lactating mothers because it affects the quality of milk but not necessarily the amount of milk produced (Dewey 19). On the one hand, ample hydration among breastfeeding mothers is essential to promote good metabolism. It is recommended for lactating mothers to take a sufficient amount of water (a glass is recommended) during meals and during breastfeeding sessions (Montgomery 40).

The water and energy intake among breastfeeding mothers may vary due to the requirements needed by the body. However, to guide lactating mothers there are minimum amounts of calories and water intake needed to be met to promote well-being and a good breastfeeding experience.

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