Great LGBT Discussion Topics to Note

As the contemporary world witnesses a critical shift in the culture of morality and humanism, many social, political, and psychological phenomena are being substantially reviewed and revalued these days. Modern society tends to take a rather loose and humane approach to contentious and mistakenly dubbed “immoral” matters of life. The LGBT subject, one of the most controversial and highly disputed matters of today, has drawn endless speculation and arguments over the past decade and thus brought about myriad of LGBT discussion topics.

LGBT Discussion Topics

Treating this phenomenon with the highest consideration and rationale is extremely important, and the emergence of these topics represents society’s concern toward and attention to the LGBT culture. So, let’s take a look at the comprehensive and rich assortment of these topics to develop a paper on, or ask a professional writer for “write my paper for me cheap” help with!

LGBT Research Topics

  1. Homophobic hip-hop music and its influence on racism and attitudes towards the LGBT community.
  2. How feminism and the LGBT community agree and disagree with each other, why the LGBT need feminism, and why feminists may struggle with the LGBT community.
  3. The relationship between feminism and the LGBT rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s.
  4. LGBT students are experiencing discrimination in schools.
  5. What are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights, and why are they important? Answer in terms of job discrimination and violation of civil rights.
  6. The benefits of same sex adoption, the hurdles faced by LGBT community, the evolution of nontraditional adoption.
  7. Raising awareness of LGBT bullying.
  8. LGBT students: bullying in Japanese schools.
  9. Depression among LGBT youth who social media.
  10. LGBT refugees in Canada.
  11. Is the LGBT community forced upon our children?
  12. The effects of violence in the LGBT community.
  13. LGBT history.
  14. LGBT rights in Russia.
  15. How have the rights for LGBT changed over the past 50 years in the US?

LGBT Debate Topics

  1. The negative effects of victimization of LGBT adolescents.
  2. Why businesses shouldn’t discriminate against LGBT people.
  3. Non-discrimination policy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients.
  4. How does poverty affect the LGBT community?
  5. The plight of the church when counseling the LGBT community.
  6. To what extent were the Stonewall riots of 1969 the most important cause of change in American civil rights and the consequent LGBT movement?
  7. A phenomenological study of LGBT Ugandan immigrants in the USA and the implications of coming out.
  8. How to talk to early childhood kids about LGBT families/ partners in the classroom.
  9. Homophobia within the LGBT community.
  10. Every college should have an LGBT center.
  11. LGBT communities and urban change.
  12. Impact of social media on LGBT.
  13. How does bullying in high school impact LGBT students sense of belonging in a school setting?
  14. The discrimination and treatment of LGBT people in the workplace.
  15. Adoption rights for LGBT couples.

LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Progress of LGBT in mass media.
  2. Stonewall riot of 1969: LGBT civil rights.
  3. LGBT community from a sociological perspective.
  4. Being LGBT in the past vs. in today’s society.
  5. Should gay marriages be legalized all over the world?
  6. How will the LGBT community be affected by the retirement of Justice Kennedy and a new Supreme Court Justice appointment by President Trump?
  7. LGBT and how the three branches of government affect it.
  8. Why is intersectionality so important when thinking about LGBT issues?
  9. How would you characterize the progress made by LGBT people since the 1950s to promote equality for people of diverse sexual identities?
  10. Discuss the impact of the AIDS crisis on the status of LGBT people in the U.S. and on the LGBT movement from the 1980s until present.
  11. Police brutality and the LGBT community.
  12. Should the Universal Declaration of Human Rights explicitly include the rights and protection of rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) worldwide?
  13. How LGBT populations are being impacted by sexual violence in a specific country.
  14. Marketing ideas to attract the LGBT community.
  15. Disparity in healthcare in the LGBT community.

LGBT Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. How to raise awareness for the LGBT community in Texas.
  2. Integration of the LGBT community into the US military.
  3. How does language empower and disempower the LGBT community?
  4. The rates of drug use/addiction in LGBT communities.
  5. What is/are the effect(s) of discrimination against the LGBT community?
  6. Injustice against LGBT youth in juvenile courts.
  7. How are LGBT families represented in advertising?
  8. LGBT community should be respected as other sectors in civil society.
  9. The impact LGBT parents have on their children.
  10. How does racial exclusion happen in the LGBT community?
  11. Raising awareness of LGBT bullying.
  12. The gender bias: how LGBT men and women are treated differently in law, media, and social interactions.
  13. Domestic violence in the LGBTQ community.
  14. Reducing suicide cases in the LGBT community.
  15. Domestic violence in the LGBT community.

LGBT Informative Speech Topics

  1. Legal rights of transgender people.
  2. Historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality.
  3. Bullying and harassment among the LGBT youth.
  4. Greater engagement among members of gay-straight alliances: individual and structural contributors.
  5. LGBT teachers: the evolving legal protections.
  6. Sexual orientation and school discipline: new evidence from a population-based sample.
  7. American culture norms and gender identity issues.
  8. Church and gay rights.
  9. Homosexuality in universities.
  10. Challenges faced by LGBT people.
  11. LGBT sexual health.
  12. Transgender roles.
  13. LGBT: reproductive health and family planning.
  14. Gender identity in schools.
  15. Traditional culture and gay identities.

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